Round Pin Heat Sinks Datasheets

Forged Heat Sinks -- SL Series
from Rego Electronics Inc.

Standard Products sizes ranging from 7mm x 7mm to 117mm x 61mm are listed below. Customization is available. Please contact us directly!. Features & Benefits-. -Fins and base are one piece construction, an integral forming piece. -High aspect ratio up to 1: 100, increases the surface heat... [See More]

  • Heat sink Fin Style:: Round; Elliptical; Straight
  • W: 7 to 17
  • L: 7 to 17
  • H: 11 to 32
Pin Fin BGA Heatsinks
from Cooliance

Cooliance offers a selection of standard pin fin heatsinks. These are particularly suitable for applications where the air flow is from the top. Cooliance offers precision forged pin fin heatsinks that come in both active and passive versions. They can be forged in either aluminum or copper. [See More]

  • Heat sink Fin Style:: Round
  • L: 19 to 49
  • Device: Passive Heat Sink
  • W: 19 to 49