Manufacturing - Metals / Web Flaw Detectors Datasheets

2D Digital Radiography and 3D Computed Tomography Inspection Systems -- CXMM 50
from North Star Imaging, Inc.

Seamlessly acquire full internal and external measurements of your components with the CXMM 50, a true X-ray Metrology CT system. Whether you need to measure the inside of a fuel injector or the coating thickness on a heart valve, the CXMM 50 was designed to give the user an unparalleled product... [See More]

  • Flaw Detection / Inspection Area: Aircraft / Military Inspection; Coating Flaw / Holiday; Manufacturing - Metals / Web; Tube / Pipeline Defects; Subsurface Crack Detection; Pore / Void; Welded / Joint Inspection
  • Instrument Technology: Radiographic / X-ray
  • Instrument Type: Flaw Detectors
  • Form Factor: Monitoring System
Compact Laser Vibrometer -- CLV-2534
from Polytec, Inc.

The new all-in-one CLV-2534 Compact Laser Vibrometer is made up of a rack-mountable 19'' controller supplying laser power to the sensor head via a fiber optical cable. Both compact and flexible in application, surface vibration in velocity and displacement are measured with high precision and low... [See More]

  • Flaw Detection / Inspection Area: Debonding / Bone Integrity; Manufacturing - Metals / Web; Subsurface Crack Detection; Surface Cracks / Abrasion; Worn Bearings and Dull Cutting Tools
  • Instrument Technology: Optical / Laser
  • Instrument Type: Flaw Detectors
  • Form Factor: Bench / Rack / Cabinet