Box / Rigid Cell Filter Air Filters (industrial) Datasheets

Glovebox Filtration Module -- 3306-71
from Terra Universal, Inc.

Closed-loop system continuously filters process gas to meet cleaner-than-Class 10 requirements. Open-loop system draws chemical powders or other exhaust particles through a filter for safe, noncontaminating indoor release. Complete line of filters includes 99.99% efficient HEPA filter (rated @ 0.3... [See More]

  • Construction: Box; HEPA / ULPA
  • Efficiency: 99.99 to 100
  • Applications: Glove box filters
  • Efficiency Specs: rated @ 0.3┬Ám particles
Asura Filters
from Erlab Inc.

More than 1800 carbon and Hepa replacement filters compatible with all brands of ductless fume hoods,fume cabinets,recirculating fume hoods,vented storage cabinets and forensics containment products such as Captair,Air Science,Airclean,Safelab, Misonix, Bigneat,Chemcap, Astec, Labcaire, ... [See More]

  • Construction: Box (Frame / Assembly); HEPA / ULPA
  • Applications: Lab Fume Hoods
CBRN - Individual Protection -- M12A2 Gas Filter
from HDT Global

HDT's M12A2 is one of the smallest and lowest flow combination filters used for CBRN collective protection. It is used in series in the M2A2 air purifier as a part of the M8A3 individual distribution collective protection filter unit. 12-cfm rated airflow. ASZM-TEDA carbon media. Panel shape... [See More]

  • Construction: Box (Frame / Assembly)
  • Airflow: 12
  • Applications: Gaseous Toxic Agents
  • Media Type: Activated Carbon Air Filters