Spinner Hanger / Turnstile Abrasive Blast Machines and Sandblasters Datasheets

Proceco Spinner Hanger Slurry Blaster -- SHWB 28x 36-E
from Proceco Ltd.

Proceco Slurry Blasting is the ultimate metal component blast-finishing process designed to degrease, blast clean, aqueous clean, and rust inhibit in one system. No need for complementary process equipment. Proceco Slurry Blasting, also known as wet blasting, is a patented technology that uses a... [See More]

  • Part Loading: Overhead Monorail Conveyor (optional feature); Spinner Hanger / Turnstile; Powered Hoist
  • Machine Components: Blast Wheel; Hopper / Tank; Abrasive Injector; Media Separator / Reclaimer
  • Product Type: Wet / Water; Wheel Blast Machine; Slurry (Wet) Blast; (Component) (optional feature); (CompleteSystem)
  • Operation: Deburring / Deflashing; Cleaning / Surface Preparation; Descaling / Stripping; Peening / Burnishing; De-Oiling
KSB Monorail -- Model KSB-10
from Sinto Surface Treatment

Benefits: • Easily handles heavy work pieces. • Complicated weldments and castings. • No part on part contact. • No blind shot angles (rotation and traversing of parts in blast). • Custom Options and Capabilities [See More]

  • Part Loading: Spinner Hanger / Turnstile
  • Machine Components: Blast Wheel; Blast Cabinet / Enclosure
  • Product Type: Dry / Air; Wheel Blast Machine; (CompleteSystem)
  • Operation: Deburring / Deflashing; Cleaning / Surface Preparation; Descaling / Stripping