DC Brushless Design Linear Motors Datasheets

Low-Profile Direct Drive Motor, Javelin™ Double-sided Series
from Celera Motion

The Javelin Series enables OEMs to design high performance, reliable, small and lightweight systems using flexible and easy-to-integrate linear motor components. The Javelin Series ’ state-of-the art magnetic designs deliver high acceleration and high speeds in compact form factors. Direct... [See More]

  • Linear Motor Type: DC Brushless Design
  • Maximum Speed: 70.9 to 204.7
  • Peak Force: 8.1 to 67.9
  • Continuous Current: 0.8700 to 3.2
Ironcore Linear Motor -- ILF Series
from ETEL S.A.

The ILF ironless linear motors are small size motors perfectly suited for very high dynamic and low moving mass applications. In addition, the total absence of force ripple ensures perfect speed stability and makes ILF suited for any scanning applications were speed control is a key specification. [See More]

  • Linear Motor Type: DC Brushless Design
  • Peak Force: 24.3 to 184.3
  • Continuous Thrust: 4.5 to 30.6
  • Maximum Speed: 787.4
Linear Motor -- ML Series
from GIMATIC S.r.l.

Linear motors - Main features. The main difference between rotary and linear motors is that. linear produce a force and rotary produce a torque. Their operation is identical to that of rotary motors from which. they are derived. Use of this type of actuator is very convenient in automatic. motion... [See More]

  • Linear Motor Type: DC Brushless Design
  • Peak Force: 22.5 to 29.2
  • Continuous Thrust: 2.7 to 4.5
  • Maximum Speed: 157.5 to 354.3
Brushless Linear Motors -- BLDM-A02
from H2W Technologies

Equivalent to Baldor motor LMCF02A. [See More]

  • Linear Motor Type: DC Brushless Design
  • Peak Force: 3.6
  • Continuous Thrust: 1.2
  • Continuous Current: 1.7 to 5.1
Linear Motors - Quickshaft® -- 0830 01

MICROMO's experienced engineers look beyond just components to offer optimal solutions for custom mechanical and electrical requirements. MICROMO's seasoned application engineering team has the experience in the field to assist customers with choosing the correct component and system for unique... [See More]

  • Linear Motor Type: DC Brushless Design
  • Peak Force: 0.6
  • Continuous Thrust: 0.2
  • Maximum Speed: 70.9 to 94.5
Linear Motor -- 25121
from Moog Inc. (formerly Moog Components Group)

Powerful and Precise Linear Motion. Moog's linear motors offer dynamic and precise linear motion positioning for robotics, factory automation, processing, packaging and other industrial applications. As a high force, direct drive solution, Moog's linear motors extend maintenance intervals and reduce... [See More]

  • Linear Motor Type: DC Brushless Design
  • Peak Force: 85.0
  • Continuous Thrust: 25.0 to 45.0
  • Maximum Speed: 120.0 to 280.0
Linear Brushless Ironless Motors -- Unlimited Stroke Length
from MotiCont

High Acceleration. High Speed. High Accuracy. Cog Free. High Repeatability. Independent Multiple Coil Operation with Overlapping Trajectories. No Metal-to-Metal Contact, Virtually Maintenance Free. Modular Magnet Tracks. Trapezoidal or Sinusoidal Commutation. Increased throughput, a Function of High... [See More]

  • Linear Motor Type: DC Brushless Design
  • Peak Force: 8.7 to 108.0