Optics / Optical Grade Aluminum Oxide and Alumina Ceramics

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Aluminum Nitride Ceramics
from Xiamen Innovacera Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

With its properties of electrical insulation and excellent thermal conductivity, Aluminum Nitride Ceramics is ideal for applications where heat dissipation is required. In addition, since it offers a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) near that of silicon, and excellent plasma resistance, it is... [See More]

  • Applications: Optical Grade; AIN Crucible for Metal Melting, AIN Ceramic Heater, AIN Ceramic Heat-sinks for High Power Systems
  • Max Use Temperature: 1500
  • Shape / Form: BarStock; Custom Shape
  • Thermal Conductivity: 70 to 180
Sapphire Substrates, Sapphire Dummy Wafers
from Gavish, Inc.

While Gavish is NOT a provider of high volume commodity type substrates for LED ’s and SOS applications, we are a producer of custom sapphire substrates and sapphire dummy wafers oriented and finished per customer specifications. Specialty sapphire substrates for electronic applications 2 x 2... [See More]

  • Applications: Optical Grade; Dielectric
  • Shape / Form: WaferSubstrate
  • Alumina / Aluminate Type: Sapphire
  • Length: 2
Premalox High Purity Alumina Powders (99.99%)
from Advanced Abrasives Corp.

Premalox High Purity Alumina Powders (99.99 %). Provided in AG (As Grown) and DA (De-Agglomerated) formats. High purity and uniform particle shape ensures consistency from lot to lot to deliver the best possible quality finish regardless of application. Available in abrasive particle sizes 0.05... [See More]

  • Applications: Optical Grade; Abrasive Applications
  • Shape / Form: Powder, Grain or Grog
  • Alumina / Aluminate Type: Alumina
Sapphire Blades
from Swiss Jewel Company

Sapphire Blades are an excellent choice for various applications. Sapphire's hardness and excellent surface finish provide a superior surface for precision work. Sapphire blades are commonly used on fiber optics for cutting and scribing. Sapphire is also a non-thrombogenic material for use in... [See More]

  • Applications: Optical Grade; Tape Cleaners, Surgical Knives; Abrasion Resistant
  • Composition: Al2O3
  • Alumina / Aluminate Type: Sapphire
  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape
High Intensity Discharge Lamp Components
from CoorsTek

CoorsTek engineered ceramics provide superior thermal stability, and translucency for high-performance HID lighting applications. Each year CoorsTek delivers tens of millions of translucent ceramic parts of various sizes, shapes, and geometries for high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. Arc tubes. [See More]

  • Applications: Optical Grade; HID Lighting
  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape
  • Alumina / Aluminate Type: Alumina
Sapphire Optics
from Access Optics

Sapphire unquestionably offers the most robust durability and greatest spectral range of any optical material short of diamond for sapphire windows. Access Optics manufactures sapphire in a countless variety configurations to address optical, mechanical and electronic applications. As is true for... [See More]

  • Applications: Optical Grade; Optics; Electronics or semiconductors
  • Performance Features: Glaze or protective coating (optional feature); Metallized or electrode film (optional feature)
  • Alumina / Aluminate Type: Sapphire
Single Crystal Sapphire
from Adamant Namiki Jewel Co., Ltd

Sapphire(a-Al2O3) is widely used in many fields from its excellent characteristics, in particular chemical resistance, thermal conductivity, hardness, transparency. Namiki grows single crystal sapphire by EFG method, featuring any desired section forms can be obtained. Variously-shaped Nano-step... [See More]

  • Applications: Optical Grade
  • Bond & Processing: Single Crystal
  • Alumina / Aluminate Type: Sapphire
  • Shape / Form: BarStock (optional feature); Custom Shape (optional feature); Rod (optional feature); Tube (optional feature); WaferSubstrate (optional feature); Hollow Stock (Tube, Pipe, Column) (optional feature)