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  • Small Unit (Sensor) Tackles Large Jobs
    To some extent today's technical systems and instruments are extremely complex configured puzzles of individual parts. Automobiles consist of dozens of subsystems with a multitude of activators, sensors, control electronics and mechanical elements. Cell phones are small miracles - so small
  • Mechanical Assemblies: Their Design, Manufacture, and Role in Product Development
    Mechanical Assemblies: Their Design, Manufacture, and Role in Product Development. This book develops a systematic approach to the modeling and design of assemblies, and addresses assembly on two levels-- Assembly in the Small and Assembly in the Large.
  • Small Diameter Vascular Graft Elasticity Measurement in Response to Pulsatile Pressure
    There is currently a large demand for small diameter (< 5 mm) vascular grafts to replace diseased arteries of the coronary and peripheral vasculature. Particularly vascular grafts developed from synthetic scaffolds (e.g., polyurethane, polyglycolic acid) do not have tissue-like compliance
  • Development of Lead-free Alloys with Ultra-high Thermo-mechanical Reliability
    addition on the. reliability of the solder in final application. In this paper, a detailed study of the effect of small composition changes (major additions) and of micro additions is presented. Improvements in thermal, mechanical and metallurgical properties of the new alloys are discussed
  • Automotive Fatigue Life and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of a Matrix Polymer
    Bose with the need to assess fatigue response and also to perform a DMA assessment on their raw materials. The ElectroForce (R) 3330 test instrument with DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis) software, in conjunction with WinTest (R) control software, was used to conduct these tests. The ElectroForce 3330
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Of UV-Curable Coatings While Curing
    A method has been developed for following the. dynamic mechanical properties of a UV-curable coating. while the sample is curing. The resulting data and plots. can be used to measure the material's cure speed. The. precision is sufficiently high to allow small differences. in cure speed between
  • FlexiCap TM - Reducing Mechanical Cracking on PCBs
    from 0201 (0.5mm long x 0.25mm wide) to 2225 (5.6mm long x 6.4mm wide). A multilayer ceramic chip capacitor is a small block of ceramic dielectric material with embedded layers of metal. Those electrode layers are connected into a parallel plate structure by 'caps' of metallisation, terminations
  • Characterizing Mechanical Properties of Cartilage In-Situ
    simplified, and avoids the need for large tissue volume. The test can also be performed on small animals, making indentation a particularly appealing test method. A limitation of this type of testing is that only one of the two independent elastic constants can be deduced from the single

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