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Distance Meters - Measuring TapeDistance meters are measuring tools that are used to measure the distance between two locations or objects. Distance meters are available in both imperial/English and metric displays.

Types of Measuring Tools

There are many types of tools that can be used to measure a distance. Distance meters are known for their high accuracy rate in recording measurement results. These tools are commonly used to determine dimensions, square footage, or the volume of a space, which makes them particularly useful for industrial applications relating to construction applications such as carpentry, masonry, and by locksmiths. In addition to construction fields, distance meters are also commonly used for position testing, coil weight testing, and more. 


  • Laser and ultrasonic distance meters use an invisible laser beam that is aimed at an object. The laser light bounces off the surface, allowing the range finder to see the reflection and time how long the light takes to return.Distance Meters - Laser Distance Meter
  • Range finders measure distances between an observer and an object to determine physical distance or the focusing length of a camera.
  • Odometers measures distance traveled by a moving vehicle, and are a standard in commercial automobiles.
  • Measuring wheels allow for measurement while a user is walking. Wheels may be mechanical or electronic, and are available in all measurement units and standards. 
  • Measuring tapes are one of the most widely known and used types of measuring tools. Most types have a steel blade that extends to a certain length, which varies. This type of measuring tool is useful for those who take short measurements on a consistent basis. Newer measuring tapes may include conversion data on the backside, flashlights, LED readouts, and calculators. 
  • Pedometers count each step a person takes by detecting the motion of a person’s hips.

Selection Considerations


Measuring tools should be selected based on the type and scale of measurements being performed as well as the technology used to measure and the reading method. For convenience and necessity, many industrial applications require laser or other technical measuring methods with digital displays.




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Wright Tool | CorDEX Instruments Inc.


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