Single Angle Cutter Milling Cutters Datasheets

Engraving End Mills -- EN125-120
from SCT - Scientific Cutting Tools, Inc.

Long Reach Thread Mills have three teeth and a helical flute that provide reduced side cutting pressure. The first tooth roughs, the second and third finish. This allows for the efficient cutting of extremely deep threads in small sizes. These tools cut internal threads only. [See More]

  • Cutter Type: Endmill; Single Angle
  • Cutting Ends: Single
  • Geometry: Square; Radius
  • Units: Fractional
CHM Series -- CHMR082100CB
from New Tech Cutting Tools, Inc.

Micrograin carbide chamfer mill [See More]

  • Cutter Type: Single Angle; Chamfer Mill
  • Cutting Ends: Single
  • Geometry: Chamfer
  • Units: Fractional; Metric (optional feature)