Bronze / Brass / Copper Milling Cutters Datasheets

Chamfer Milling Tools -- CoroMill 326
from Sandvik Coromant Co.

Versatile and cost efficient, this miniature milling cutter benefits from three cutting edges for internal threading and chamfering. Use it in small holes, down to 6 mm (0.236 inch) as a complement to CoroMill 327, CoroMill 328 and CoroMill Plura. Benefits. Three cutting edges for productivity. [See More]

  • Cutting Application: Aluminum; Bronze/Brass; Stainless; Steel; Titanium; Cast Iron, Lead, Zinc
  • Cutting Ends: Single
  • Cutter Type: Endmill; Thread Mill
  • Units: Fractional (optional feature); Metric
Series 1200 2-Flute Carbide End Mill -- 12001
from Cutting Edge Technologies, Inc.

Coating: Uncoated. Diameter: 1/32". End Type: Square. Flute Length: 3/32". Flute Length Type: Standard. Number of Flutes: Overall Length: 1 1/2". Shank Diameter: 1/8". Substrate Material: Carbide. Type: End Mill [See More]

  • Cutting Application: General Purpose; Aluminum; Bronze/Brass; Ceramic; Plastic
  • Geometry: Square
  • Cutter Type: Endmill
  • Cutting Ends: Single
End Mill
from DME Company

Two and Four Flute End Mill [See More]

  • Cutting Application: General Purpose; Bronze/Brass; Steel
  • Geometry: Square
  • Cutter Type: Endmill
  • Units: Fractional
Cobalt HSS -- Coarse Pitch - HSS (M7)
from Melin Tool Company

Due to the sinusoidal form on cutting edge, small chips are produced which allow faster feed rates then conventional end mills. A rough finish is produced which will require a finishing pass. Used in difficult and abrasive materials and tough alloy materials, such as stainless steel, nickel base... [See More]

  • Cutting Application: General Purpose; Bronze/Brass; Stainless
  • Geometry: Square
  • Cutter Type: Roughing; Endmill
  • Cutting Ends: Single
SC Series -- SCL162CB
from SwiftCARB

Regular, medium, long, extra long lengths, better chip evacuation [See More]

  • Cutting Application: Aluminum (optional feature); Bronze/Brass (optional feature); Plastic (optional feature)
  • Geometry: Square; Radius (optional feature)
  • Cutter Type: Roughing (optional feature); Finishing (optional feature); Endmill
  • Cutting Ends: Single