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  • Highly Conductive Insulation for Large, High-Speed Machines
    to produce the high rotational speed and to deliver greater power output. A disadvantage of increased frequency is greater loss density, from both higher losses and smaller heat rejection surfaces, which ultimately leads to higher operational temperatures that can cause machinery life degradation
  • Industry Reference: Semiconductor and Wafer Production
    Etched foil element heaters to heat acid in portable wafer processing baths, High Temperature Binder Inorganic and Organic coatings and with fabrication materials such as fiberglass cloth, fiberglass mat, mica, and ceramic fiber insulating carriers, etc... Thermal Circuits -Semiconductor etched
  • Medical Device Link .
    -performance tubing and heatshrinks, a company offers a high-temperature alternative to traditional protective materials such as PTFE. It chose Victrex PEEK polymer because it can withstand extreme temperatures, high pressures, and caustic fluids. Its inherent purity and lubricity make it suitable
  • Practical Approach to Matching Fluorosilicone Compound Technology to Fabrication Processes and Equipment
    Fluorosilicone compounds have never been more popular as they are today. These. unique materials are most noted for applications that require low and high temperature. performance in contact with jet and automotive fuels, many solvents and engine oils. This family. of elastomeric materials has
  • Development of a Trench isolated 50V technology on an SOI substrate
    if oxide is grown at reference temperature (Fig. 6). A. way to overcome the appearance of silicon defects is to grow the liner oxide at higher temperature. Fig. 7 and 8. shows that defects can be avoided even for a 3 kÅ liner oxide when grown at higher temperature. This beneficial. effect of high
  • PIC14C000 A/D Theory and Implementation
    is that of calculating the x-intercept. of a straight line when the slope of the line and two x. coordinates are known. EQUATION 4: OFFSET COUNT. Noffset = Nreflo – Kref ( Nrefhi – Nreflo). Where: NREFLO. = A/D count value low reference point. NREFHI. = A/D count value high reference point. KREF
  • RTD Instrumentation Requirements
    , or Kelvin, measurement uses one pair of leads to supply excitation. current to the RTD and a second set of instrument leads to measure voltage. directly across the RTD. Combined with an instrument having high input. impedance, 4-wire measurements minimize lead voltage drop and provide the. greatest
  • Prototyping Techniques for Etched-Foil Heaters
    wattage. in high-loss areas to equalize temperature. Higher wattage around the perimeter of a. plate, for instance, will compensate for edge losses. One approach which employs FEA is. to measure gradients produced by a non-profiled heater, then work backward from this. data to develop a model

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