MPP Inductors, Coils, and Chokes

Switching Inductors -- 4552 Series
from API Technologies Corp.

Medium Current, Toroid type, Core type: 0.50" O.D. [See More]

  • Core Material: MPP
  • Technology: Toroid
  • Mounting Option: Through Hole
  • Application: Medium Current
Low Frequency Smoothing Filter Choke -- C-14X
from Triad Magnetics

Description. Triad chokes are manufactured in a wide variety of inductance values and physical configurations. Smoothing chokes are power supply filter chokes having a core with an air gap which prevents saturation at maximum direct current. [See More]

  • Core Material: MPP
  • Technology: Wirewound
  • Mounting Option: Chassis
  • Application: General Purpose; RF Choke