Hydrogen Fluoride Industrial Gases Datasheets

Electronic Special Gas -- Hydrogen fluoride (HF)
from Linde North America, Inc.

The Linde group is the world ’s largest producer of high purity isotopic electronic gases such as deuterium (2H2), deuterated silane (Si2H4), deuterated ammonia (N2H3), and 11-Boron Trifluoride (11BF3). For information regarding these products, please contact the Electronics Customer Service... [See More]

  • Industrial Gases: Hydrogen Fluoride
  • Product Form: Bulk Gaseous
  • Application / Function: Semiconductor
  • Supply Options: Cylinder Gaseous; Other Gas Supply Form; Tonne Tanks, Tube Trailers and ISO Containers.
Hydrogen Fluoride Calibration Gas Kit and Replacement Gas Bottle -- 07-3007
from Mil-Ram Technology, Inc.

Calibration Gas Kits and Replacement Gas Bottles. Kits include cal cup, hose, gas bottle, regulator and carry case [See More]

  • Industrial Gases: Hydrogen Fluoride
  • Composition: Trace Gas
  • Application / Function: Calibration Gas / Gas Standard
  • Concentration: 1.00E-3