Automotive Testing Robots (Industrial) Datasheets

Compact 5 axis Articulated Robot -- KR 10 R1100 fivve (KR AGILUS)

With five axes, the KR AGILUS fivve is consistently rated for particularly high working speeds. At the same time, it offers high precision. Low space requirements and the choice between installation on the floor or ceiling make the KR AGILUS fivve extremely adaptable. [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Assembly; Automotive Testing; Metal Removal (e.g., Cutting, Deburring, Drilling);  Material Handling (e.g., Loading/Unloading, Palletizing); Machine Tending; Packaging; Painting / Coating
  • # of Axes: 5
  • Robot Type: Articulated
  • Load Capacity: 10
Heavy Payload Robot Arms: TX200 series -- TX200
from Stäubli Corporation

Our TX200 series of industrial robots offers unique features designed to deliver the best possible process quality and increased productivity in all environments. It includes the TX200PV, designed specifically for delicate handling applications in the photovoltaic industry. [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Assembly; Automotive Testing;  Material Handling (e.g., Loading/Unloading, Palletizing); Machine Tending; Medical / Pharmaceutical; Photovoltaic Industry
  • Drive System: Electric (optional feature); Pneumatic
  • Robot Type: Articulated
  • # of Axes: 6