Gantry Robot Robots

Four Axes Gantry (XYZR) Style Cartesian Robots
from IntelLiDrives, Inc.

Four Axes Gantry (XYZR) style Cartesian robots with large working areas. All moving axes located above working area. Synchronized XYR Gantry. Rotary axis. Stroke 1000x1000x300 mm. Rotation 360 deg- Stepper or servo motor drive (XYZ). On-axis repeatability 50 microns. Motorized belt mechanism (XYZ). [See More]

  • Robot Type: Cartesian; Gantry
  • # of Axes: 4
  • Drive System: Electric
  • Load Capacity: 3
Dispensing Robot -- TSR2201
from Techcon

Techcon Systems bench-top dispensing robots are easy to program, simple to operate and compatible with all valve types and controllers. Designed and configured specifically for fluid dispensing applications, Techcon Systems robots provide total control over fluid placement, from beads, arcs and... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Cartesian; Gantry
  • # of Axes: 3
  • Drive System: Electric
  • X-axis Travel: 200
Engineered to Order System -- AX-00
from ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc.

ASG Automation is a full service solution provider with the ability to supply pre-engineered systems or engineered to order (ETO) systems. In developing these custom, engineered to order systems, the following equipment may be included. The list below is meant to generate ideas, but is not... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Cartesian; Gantry
Robotic Assembly Cell
from Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc.

This assembly system uses a Cartesian Robot to transport a Dixon Auto-Fed servo controlled Driver and Vision System to drive helical wire inserts into transmission housings. Due to casting variations, the Vision System pre-locates all of the driving points on the casting for the Robot. The Dixon... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Cartesian; Gantry
  • Industry / Application: Robotic Assembly
  • # of Axes: 3
Gullco Gantry/Bridge System
from Gullco International Limited

Custom Engineered to Automate Welding/Cutting Operations. Gullco Gantry Units are custom designed assemblies that are used in a variety of applications such as automated seam welding, fabricated assemblies, stiffener seams and automated cutting operations such as stripping and edge preparation. [See More]

  • Robot Type: Cartesian; Gantry
  • Industry / Application: Metal Removal (e.g., Cutting, Deburring, Drilling); Robotic Welding
  • Drive System: Electric
Standard Gantry Robot -- GL02
from Parker Hannifin / Automation / Electromechanical Division - Europe

Standard components to satisfy your system requirement. Focussed system configurations enable robot applications to be specified easily using our carefully selected standard components, reducing the time and resources needed by the integrator to specify the system. Standard components ensure short... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Cartesian; Gantry (Robot System (optional feature))
  • # of Axes: 2
  • Drive System: Electric
  • Load Capacity: 30
ABB IRB 6620LX Robot
from RobotWorx

The ABB IRB 6620LX is a gantry arm robot designed to revolutionize applications that include material handling, injection molding, and die casting. These customizable linear systems can cost-effectively perform these tasks and more. This system combines the advantages of a linear gantry with the... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Cartesian; Gantry
  • Load Capacity: 150
  • # of Axes: 6
  • Reach: 1900
High Speed and Accurate Base Machine -- YSC0(Zero)
from Yamaha Motor- Robot Division

High-Precision in a Solid Frame. A highly solid and rigid frame provides high precision in a variety of work applications. ・Y-axis straightnessLess than +/-5 µm ・Y-axis parallelismLess than +/-5 µm ・X-axis straightnessLess than +/-5 µm. Actual values may... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Cartesian; Gantry (Robot System)
  • # of Axes: 2
  • Drive System: Electric
  • Load Capacity: 15