Pneumatic Robots (Industrial)

X-Y Robotic Screw Feeder Systems
from Design Tool, Inc.

Fully Automatic or Semi-automatic fastener feeding and driving systems from Design Tool, Inc. provide: The fastest assembly times. Multi-axis robotic screwdriving. Multiple spindle screwdriving. Fully automatic robotic screwdriving with quality control and inspection. Single station, standalone... [See More]

  • Drive System: Electric; Pneumatic
  • Industry / Application: Robotic Assembly
  • Robot Type: Cartesian; SCARA
Robolink® Articulated Joint Module
from igus® inc.

One single part integrates different movements. igus ® now offers a lightweight, maintenance- and corrosion-free range of robot joints for humanoid systems or other automated applications. The carbon-fiber plastic joints can rotate and oscillate freely via four wire ropes. No more expensive... [See More]

  • Drive System: Electric; Pneumatic (optional feature)
  • # of Axes: 6
  • Robot Type: Articulated
  • Industry / Application: Medical / Pharmaceutical; Photography Slide, Animatronic Head Movement and Humanoid Arms, Tools like Grippers, Shovels, hooks, Vacuum Cups, Paddles, Legs
Screw Installation Robot -- STICKSCREW® Robotics
from PennEngineering

STICKSCREW® system is an automated, robotic system which installs STICKSCREW® brand screws. Simply attach the StickShooter(tm) driver to the carriage, initially program the robot, place the workpiece into the nesting fixture, activate the robot and the screw insertion process begins. When the job is... [See More]

  • Drive System: Electric; Pneumatic
  • X-axis Travel: 200
  • Robot Type: Swing Arm Robot (Robot System)
  • Y-axis Travel: 200
Heavy Payload Robot Arms: TX200 series -- TX200
from Stäubli Corporation

Our TX200 series of industrial robots offers unique features designed to deliver the best possible process quality and increased productivity in all environments. It includes the TX200PV, designed specifically for delicate handling applications in the photovoltaic industry. [See More]

  • Drive System: Electric (optional feature); Pneumatic
  • # of Axes: 6
  • Robot Type: Articulated
  • Load Capacity: 150
7 Spindle System
from Visumatic Industrial Products

This turnkey, standalone seven-spindle automated assembly station assembles four different styles of parts and has an inverted, three-spindle, a two-spindle VPD 4.2 Power Driver and two individual screw drive modules mounted on a Visumatic Power Slide. All spindles have independent suspension and... [See More]

  • Drive System: Electric (optional feature); Pneumatic (optional feature)
  • Industry / Application: Robotic Assembly
  • Robot Type: Cylindrical (Robot System)
Robotic Palletizing Cell -- AR-200
from Bratney Companies

Premier Tech Systems brings to market the most. efficient robotic cell for virtually any palletizing need. We have combined our innovative engineering and. control capabilities with our state-of-the-art bag. preparation and pallet handling technology, along. with the latest addition within the Fanuc... [See More]

  • Drive System: Pneumatic
  • Industry / Application:  Material Handling (e.g., Loading/Unloading, Palletizing); Packaging
  • Robot Type: Articulated
Servo/Pneumatic Hybrid Robot -- ATC-150S/D
from Yushin America, Inc.

Traverse axis air-driven take-out robots with excellent price performance. Take-out robot emphasizing price performance with only servo motor driving the traverse axis while air cylinder driving vertical and kick axes. [See More]

  • Drive System: Electric; Pneumatic
  • # of Axes: 1
  • Robot Type: Cartesian; Full-Servo Robots (Robot System)
  • Load Capacity: 3