Robot System Robots

Laboratory Automation -- MICROLAB® NIMBUS
from Hamilton Co.

The MICROLAB ® NIMBUS 96 is Hamilton Company's newest automated multi-channel pipetting workstation, offering a high density deck layout in compact footprint. The 96-channel CO-RE head provides an unmatched dynamic pipetting range from 1.0 µl to 1000 µl. The system utilizes the same... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Cartesian (Robot System)
  • # of Axes: 2
  • Drive System: Electric
  • Industry / Application: Dispensing (e.g., Gluing, Sealing, Filling); Pipetting
Automated Robotic Melt Shop -- ARMS®
from Inductotherm Group

Automated systems allow foundries and melt shops to assist in the protection of their most valuable asset –their employees. The Inductotherm ARMS ® (Automated Robotic Melt Shop) System is a patented concept that uses a robot to perform the hazardous operations that would otherwise be... [See More]

  • Robot Type: (Robot System)
  • Industry / Application: Foundry, Melt Shop
  • Load Capacity: 30 to 500
Screw Installation Robot -- STICKSCREW® Robotics
from PennEngineering

STICKSCREW® system is an automated, robotic system which installs STICKSCREW® brand screws. Simply attach the StickShooter(tm) driver to the carriage, initially program the robot, place the workpiece into the nesting fixture, activate the robot and the screw insertion process begins. When the job is... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Swing Arm Robot (Robot System)
  • X-axis Travel: 200
  • Drive System: Electric; Pneumatic
  • Y-axis Travel: 200
Collaborative Robot Screwdriving System -- VCM-3X.2
from Visumatic Industrial Products

The VCM-3X.2 collaborative robot fastening system is a complete feed and drive package for use by machine builders. Includes an automatic feeder, programmable drive system, skeleton robot program, and end effector for direct mounting to a collaborative robot wrist. The light weight end of arm... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Collaborative / Cobot (Robot System)
  • # of Axes: 2
  • Drive System: Pneumatic
  • Industry / Application: Robotic Assembly
Compact Robot -- IRB 580
from ABB Robotics

Precision has always been our primary goal and the common denominator of our globally renowned paint robots. IRB 580 takes precision a step further by combining the advanced functions of the IRB 5400 series with a compact design. [See More]

  • Robot Type: Articulated (Robot System)
  • # of Axes: 4 to 6
  • Drive System: Electric
  • Load Capacity: 10
Benchtop Workstation
from Assembly Automation Industries

Small footprint benchtop Cartesian screw driving robot. Closed-loop positioning system. Complete, ready to run package. Fully programmable. Accurate and fast. Light curtain guard. Fast blowfeed screwdriver. [See More]

  • Robot Type: Cartesian (Robot System)
  • Industry / Application: Robotic Assembly
  • # of Axes: 3
Coordinate Measuring Machine -- C2000
from Mikrolar, Inc.

The C2000 is a Coordinate Measuring Machine based on our Hexapod configuration. The measuring probe, mounted on the platform, is manually driven by an operator to make contact with the part to be measured. During this operation our software keeps track of the hexapods six linear length sensors and... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Parallel Robot (Delta/Hexapod) (Robot System)
  • # of Axes: 6
  • Drive System: Electric
  • X-axis Travel: 350
Fanuc Turntable System Workcell
from RobotWorx

Order a workcell that fits your needs! Available in anybsp;size, this workcell pairs a 180 degree table with one or two FANUCbsp;robot arms for maximum productivity.bsp;The tablebsp;dimensions can be adjusted to match your part sizeFanuc robotbsp;offer excellent ROI in welding and handling... [See More]

  • Robot Type: (Robot System)
from Tek5 Systems

A basic SCARA configuration using Tek5 VRM units is a very useful, but simple application. For example, a VRM-200 and a VRM-202 can be configured so that the VRM-202 is mounted to a fixed mount and provides rotation about X=0, Y=0. The VRM-200 is mounted to the VRM-202 so that it rotates relative to... [See More]

  • Robot Type: SCARA (Robot System)
  • # of Axes: 2
  • Drive System: Electric
  • X-axis Travel: 400
LidTender™ Stacking / Unstacking Robot
from Weldon Solutions

The Weldon Solutions LidTender applies robotic technology to material handling by automating the stacking and unstacking of lids removed from baking pans for storage. Working with a conveyor that feeds product to the robot, this system can function in a variety of material handling applications,... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Articulated (Robot System)
  • # of Axes: 3
  • Drive System: Electric
  • Industry / Application: Packaging Robot
High Speed and Accurate Base Machine -- YSC0(Zero)
from Yamaha Motor- Robot Division

High-Precision in a Solid Frame. A highly solid and rigid frame provides high precision in a variety of work applications. ・Y-axis straightnessLess than +/-5 µm ・Y-axis parallelismLess than +/-5 µm ・X-axis straightnessLess than +/-5 µm. Actual values may... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Cartesian; Gantry (Robot System)
  • # of Axes: 2
  • Drive System: Electric
  • Load Capacity: 15
Five Sprue Picker -- HOP Five 1000
from Yushin America, Inc.

Multilingual display selection (optional).This comes standard with a GII-type controller,which is available with an optional multilingual display function oriented the international market. Equipped with ample functions in its compact body. The robust construction supports the stable take-out... [See More]

  • Robot Type: Swing Arm Robot (Robot System)
  • # of Axes: 1
  • Drive System: Electric
  • Load Capacity: 2