Laboratory / Benchtop Thin Film Equipment Datasheets

Multi-purpose Vacuum Box Coating Systems -- UNIVEX 250
from Leybold USA Inc.

UNIVEX 250. The UNIVEX 250 is a cost-effective and compact entry-level coating system for the laboratory. Owing to its low height of only approximately 1.2 meters it is ideally placed on a benchtop or installed in a frame. In the vacuum chamber which is 250 mm wide, substrates up to an overall... [See More]

  • Type: Batch; Laboratory or Benchtop
  • Applications: Nanomaterials; Photovoltaic or solar cell; Research / Surface Analysis; Semiconductors
  • Process: Physical Vapor Deposition; Resistance Evaporation (optional feature); Electron Beam Evaporation (optional feature); DC_Sputter (optional feature); Multiple Processes (optional feature)
  • Materials Processed: Metal; Polymer
Fully Automated Sputter Coater -- JEOL Smart Coater
from Nikon Metrology

Thin film conductive coatings are effective in eliminating charging with non-conductive materials or enhancing secondary electron emission. JEOL ’s Smart Coater is a fully automated sputter coater that applies a fine grained gold or platinum (option) coating on samples for imaging in a... [See More]

  • Type: Batch; Laboratory or Benchtop
  • Applications: Research / Surface Analysis
  • Process: Physical Vapor Deposition; DC Magnetron Sputtering
  • Materials Processed: Metal
Benchtop Plasma Cleaner -- PE-100
from Plasma Etch, Inc.

The all aluminum chamber features over 240 square inches of active processing surface with the three level standard configuration. The clean design features an industrial powder coated frame to guard your processing environment from contamination. [See More]

  • Type: Laboratory or Benchtop
  • Applications: Research / Surface Analysis; Printed Circuit Boards
  • Process: Plasma Etching and Cleaning
  • Materials Processed: Tungsten; Metal; Gallium Arsenide or Compound Semiconductors; Precious Metals
End Block Cathode -- MC Model
from Sputtering Components, Inc.

The SCI e-Cathode ™ adapts to any coating system. [See More]

  • Type: Laboratory or Benchtop; Cathode End Block, Component
  • Applications: Flat Panel Display; Optical Coatings; Photovoltaic or solar cell; Semiconductors
  • Process: Physical Vapor Deposition; RF_Sputter; DC Magnetron Sputtering; DC Pulsed Sputtering; MFAC Sputtering
  • Materials Processed: Aluminum; Tungsten; Metal; Silicon; Dielectric or Ceramic; Oxides; Silicides; Nitrides; TCO
Nanoparticle Deposition System -- FlameBeam
from Tethis S.r.l.

FlameBeam is the Tethis' system for the deposition on nanostructured thin films assembled by nanoparticles produced with the flame spray pyrolysis process. Deposition system is structured in three main stages: the feeding/control stage, the FlameBeam Source (FBS) and the deposition chamber, with its... [See More]

  • Type: Batch (optional feature); Laboratory or Benchtop
  • Applications: Nanomaterials; Photovoltaic or solar cell; Medical; Fuel Cell Electrodes, Sorbents
  • Process: Physical Vapor Deposition; Flame Spray Pyrolysis
  • Materials Processed: Metal; Diamond-like Carbon; Oxides; Nitrides; B, P, Sb, Ga, As or other dopants
MILA-3000 Series
from ULVAC Technologies, Inc.

Rapid heating and cooling (50 °C/second) [See More]

  • Type: Laboratory or Benchtop
  • Applications: Semiconductors
  • Process: Rapid Thermal Processing; Vacuum Annealing
  • Materials Processed: Silicon; Oxides; Ferro-Electric Films, Glass Substrates