Assembly / Test Bench Workbenches and Workstations (Industrial) Datasheets

Assembly Workstation -- R5WH5-2003
from Rousseau Metal inc.

General Characteristics. Wide variety of accessories provide flexibility for custom layouts. Layout and position of accessories may be changed without using tools, allowing your system to evolve with your needs. Its robust components make it ideal for industrial applications while its attractive... [See More]

  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench
  • Width: 60.0
  • Length: 30.0
  • Height: 80.0
All-Polypropylene Work Station -- 7018-41
from Terra Universal, Inc.

All polypropylene construction for superb chemical resistance. Ideal for use near wet processing operations. This all-polypropylene work bench resists chemical spills, making it the perfect staging area for wet cleaning and processing operations. Reinforced design holds loads up to 200 pounds (91... [See More]

  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench; Ergonomic
  • Width: 60.0
  • Length: 30.0
  • Height: 30.0
Work Chamber

Airbrasive ® Work Chambers have been specially designed to assist in hand-held work. Made from enameled steel, our Work Chamber's can be used with all Micro Abrasive Blasting Units and easily attached to our Dust Collectors. These units feature tempered glass, hinged safety lid, internal... [See More]

  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench
  • Width: 9.0 to 13.5
  • Length: 19.0 to 24.0
  • Height: 12.0 to 15.0
ESD Laminate Bench Top -- 3048ESD
from All-Spec Industries

Replace those worn-out, beat-up bench tops. Renew existing workstations at low cost. Easy assembly. Worksurfaces are manufactured of 1-1/8" high density particle board and then covered with a high pressure ESD laminate. Edges have a smooth PVC "European Edge" for increased comfort. Optional Ground... [See More]

  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench; Electrical; Ergonomic
  • Width: 30.0
  • Length: 48.0
  • Height: 1.2
10' and 12' Wide Assembly Benches -- 5376318
from C&H Distributors, LLC

10 ' and 12 ' Wide Assembly Benches feature a smooth 13/4 " thick single-piece top that spans the entire surface area —no center seam to to get in the way. Top is supported by three pairs of 14-gauge steel double braced legs with leveling glides for superior strength and rigidity. [See More]

  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench
  • Width: 10.0
  • Length: 30.0
  • Height: 31.8 to 35.8
from Custom Industrial Products, Inc.

Travel height 6"-42" [See More]

  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench; Heavyduty; Ergonomic
  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel; WoodLaminated
  • Capacity: 1000
  • Features: Adjustable; Electric Height Adjustable
Benchtron BF Series 99.9% Efficient Cartridge Dust Collector / Downdraft Station -- BFD-4-6-5
from Filter 1 Clean Air Consultants

Maximizing the Work Environment. The Filter 1 Benchtron Downdraft/Backdraft Workstation removes dust, fumes, and smoke from sanding, grinding, buffing, or welding of metals, composites, fiberglass, plastics, or wood. The Benchtron meets OSHA requirements for respirable dust down to .05MG/M3, with... [See More]

  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench
  • Width: 43.0
  • Length: 30.0
  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel
Compact Workbenches

LISTA compact workbenches are versatile and can be loaded with up to 1500 kg. This is made possible by the high material quality as well as tightly welded joints which withstand heavy everyday use in the workshop and production without any problems. Benefits. Three different workbench tops. [See More]

  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench
  • Width: 39.4 to 118.1
  • Length: 27.6
  • Height: 33.1 to 33.5
Convert Existing Workbench Into An Pop-Up Ball Transfer Table
from Omtec Corporation

Retro fit an existing industrial work bench, electronics assembly bench, heavy duty work bench and maple table top work bench. Virtually any work bench is easy to convert in to an ergonomic work bench, including hard maple top benches. [See More]

  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench; Packaging; Production Lines; Ergonomic
  • Features: Modular
  • Work Surface: Hardwood (optional feature); PaintedSteel (optional feature); PlasticMelamine (optional feature); WoodLaminated (optional feature)
from Raymond Handling Consultants, L.C.


  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench
  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel
Automotive Technician Center
from Stanley Vidmar

Bring the flexibility and modularity of your parts department directly to your service floor!. STCs are available in a number of popular preconfigured models or can be custom-configured to your exact specifications. They integrate seamlessly with the rest of Stanley Vidmar ’s storage... [See More]

  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench; Industrial
  • Features: Adjustable; Back or End Stops; Drawers
  • Work Surface: PaintedSteel
1/2" Steel Plate Top Table -- T7236-8DB-KL
from Strong Hold Products

Have a plant that's on the go? We have a shop table that will accommodate those employees that have to move within the plant for various jobs. [See More]

  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench
  • Width: 36.0
  • Length: 72.0
  • Height: 34.0
Easy-Lift Workbench -- EHW Series
from Unidex, Inc.

EHW Series workbenches are specially designed to handle heavier loads. They feature an electric hydraulic lift system and hand-operated toggle switch control. [See More]

  • Type: Assembly or Test Bench; Ergonomic
  • Width: 30.0
  • Length: 60.0
  • Height: 18.0 to 36.0