Production Evaporators Datasheets

CEM-System Liquid Delivery System with Vapour Control -- W-101A
from Bronkhorst USA

General. The CEM-System (Controlled Evaporation and Mixing) is an innovative Liquid Delivery System (LDS) that can be applied for atmospheric or vacuum processes. The vapour generation system consists of a liquid flow controller, an MFC for carrier gas and a temperature controlled mixing and... [See More]

  • Operation: Laboratory; Production
  • Type: Thermal
  • Application: CoatingEtching; Research & Development; Semiconductor Manufacturing; Anaesthetics
  • System Capacity: 0.0 to 0.0200
Evaporative Crystallizers
from Buflovak LLC

Crystalline products, of varying compositions and capacities, to complex organic polymers are produced in Buflovak Crystallizers. Available as Tubular Surface Cooled or Vacuum-Flash type. Evaporative crystallizers tend to yield larger average crystal size and narrows the crystal size distribution... [See More]

  • Operation: Production
  • Type: Forced Circulation / Crystallizer
  • Application: Crystalline Products to Complex Organic Polymers
Plate Flash Evaporation System -- BlueVap
from Alfa Laval Inc.

The BlueVap thermal separation system turns black water effluent from olive oil extraction into clear water that can be safely discharged to local sewage plants. Clear water and concentrate. The municipal wastewater plants in many countries normally refuse to accept black water effluent from olive... [See More]

  • Operation: Production
  • Type: Plate
  • Application: Waste Water Treatment
  • Evaporation Rate: 264 to 660
MCHX® Evaporator
from Delphi Automotive LLP

The Delphi MCHX ® Evaporator is a specially designed evaporator capable of performing both cooling and heating functions. It can provide air of a desired temperature in either residential or commercial settings. The Delphi MCHX ® Evaporator also functions as a dehumidifier when operating in... [See More]

  • Operation: Production
  • Materials of Construction: Brazed Aluminum
  • Application: Condensate Control
Drum Evaporator -- Model DE-2
from ENCON Evaporators

Evaporation Rate is based on tap water and auto-fill operation. [See More]

  • Operation: Production
  • Type: Thermal
  • Application: Distillation (optional feature); Waste Water Treatment
  • Evaporation Rate: 2
Pope 12" Wiped-Film Molecular Still
from Pope Scientific, Inc.

Efficient thermal separation with minimum product decomposition and maximum product quality; these are results you can expect using Wiped Film - Short Path process for distillation, evaporaton, concentration, separation, purification or deodorization. Performance is superior to flash evaporators,... [See More]

  • Operation: Pilot; Production
  • Type: WipedFilm (optional feature); Evaporator
  • Application: Food; Pharmaceuticals; Research & Development; Solvent Recovery; Waste Water Treatment; Polymer, Molecular, Residue Removal
  • System Capacity: 23 to 230
Proceco Eco-Smart -- Eco-Smart ES400
from Proceco Ltd.

As part of Proceco's integrated systems approach, we offer a variety of technologies to deal with industrial wastewater treatment ensuring a turnkey solution to your water-based parts cleaning or surface finishing application. Industrial wastewater treatment systems are designed to work in... [See More]

  • Operation: Production
  • Type: Vacuum
  • Application: CoatingEtching; Distillation; Liquid Recycling; Plastics; Semiconductor Manufacturing; Waste Water Treatment; Aqueous Wash Water
  • Evaporation Rate: 33.33
EnviroStill™ -- Model D1000
from Samsco Corporation

Energy is the single largest component of operating costs in many wastewater treatment systems, and particularly is this so with distillation, where it generally accounts for 50-70% of total operating costs. The Samsco EnviroStill MVR Evaporator uses metal plate heat exchange technology, which... [See More]

  • Operation: Production
  • Type: Plate; Vacuum; Mechanical Vapor Recompression
  • Application: Distillation; Waste Water Treatment
  • Evaporation Rate: 1000
Compact Brazed Heat Exchanger -- V35
from SWEP North America

The V35 has been developed for efficient operation and excellent heat transfer. Through its optimized design and versatile construction it provides efficient solutions for many cooling applications, replacing traditional shell-and-tube and gasketed exchangers. [See More]

  • Operation: Production
  • Type: Plate
  • Application: Offshore / Marine; Industrial, Heating & Refrigerant App.
  • Operating Temp: -196 to 225