1" Rotating Unions Datasheets

1690 Series Low Speed air-Pneumatic-Hydraulic Two Passage Rotating Union -- 1690-000-102
from Deublin Co.

Duoflow design. Self-supported rotating union. Composite bearing. Vent holes between passages. Special seals. Hardened sealing surface. Aluminum housing. Steel rotor. Optional: Tandem model as triple-passage design [See More]

  • Port Size: 1/4"; 1"
  • Media / Application: Air / Pneumatic; Hydraulic Fluid; Vacuum
  • Number of Ports: 2
  • Connection: Male NPT; Female NPT
BCI™ Rotary Unions

The Bearing Cover Inserted (BCI) rotary union is applied to continuous casting steel segment rolls on water service. It is self-centering and mounted inside the bearing cover to protect the rotary union from breakouts and eliminates side loading caused by external flexible hoses. The ability to... [See More]

  • Port Size: 3/4" (optional feature); 1" (optional feature); 1½" (optional feature)
  • Speed: 25
  • Pressure: 150
  • Temperature: 250
Fluid Rotary Union -- FRU134
from Moog Inc. (formerly Moog Components Group)

Moog's fluid rotary unions are currently used around the world to ensure reliable transmission of life support, process, power and control fluids. Currently, fluid rotary unions rated for pressures up to 15,000 PSI (1000 bar) are available. Seals are selected based on chemical compatibility, design... [See More]

  • Port Size: 1/8"; 1/4"; 3/8"; 1/2"; 3/4"; 7/8"; 1"
  • Speed: 5
  • Pressure: 4000
  • Number of Ports: 1
GP Series 2 Passage Rotary Union -- GP-621
from DSTI - Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc.

GP Series (General Purpose) Rotary Unions. The GP Series 2-passage rotary unions are commonly used to connect supply and return lines to rotating equipment. They are suitable for water, hydraulic, pneumatic and other medias. Many GP Series products are also available as RotaRing ™ rotary... [See More]

  • Port Size: 1"
  • Speed: 0.0 to 500
  • Pressure: 0.0 to 7500
  • Temperature: 0.0 to 220
Series RU002 90 Degree Swivel Union with Bearings -- 10056-0201-000
from Rotary Systems, Inc.

From our economical swivels to our more robust bearing supported rotary unions, available in 90 degree or inline, Rotary Systems' line of single passage rotary unions is flexible enough for any application. Rotary Systems' 002 series 90° swivel union is designed for the car wash industry. This... [See More]

  • Port Size: 1"
  • Temperature: 300
  • Pressure: 250 to 7000
  • Number of Ports: 2
AP 2 Flow Passage Rotary Union -- AP-621
from Scott Rotary Seals

All AP series rotary unions incorporate durable, long life seals suitable for vacuum and pressures up to 7500 PSI. Additionally, independent flow passages allow for use with dissimilar medias. AP series rotary unions can also be ordered with integrated electrical slip ring assemblies with a variety... [See More]

  • Port Size: 1"
  • Speed: 850
  • Pressure: 7500
  • Temperature: 0.0 to 220