Steel - Stainless Rotating Unions Datasheets

AP Series High Pressure High Speed Precision Rotating Union Rotary Joints -- AP10-010-210
from Deublin Co.

Monoflow design. Self-supported rotating union. Double row ball bearing; lubricated for life. Vent holes. Steel housing nickel-plated. Stainless steel end cap and rotor. All parts in media contact are stainless steel and corrosion resistant. Designed for high pressure and high speed. Seal... [See More]

  • Body Material: Steel - Stainless
  • Speed: 2000
  • Pressure: 4000
  • Number of Ports: 1
OHP 12 Flow Passage Rotary Union -- OHP-43120
from Scott Rotary Seals

All OHP series rotary unions include an all-stainless steel construction suitable for offshore environments. OHP series rotary unions can also be ordered with integrated electrical slip ring assemblies on a custom basis. [See More]

  • Body Material: Steel - Stainless
  • Speed: 50
  • Pressure: 20000
  • Temperature: 0.0 to 220
GP Series 10 Passage Rotary Union -- GP-201-10
from DSTI - Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc.

The GP Series 10 Passage rotary union shafts feature both radial & face connections for maximum mounting flexibility. The two-stage housing also minimizes the space requirements for this design. Standard port sizes are 1/4 ” & 3/8 ”, other sizes available upon request. [See More]

  • Body Material: Brass (optional feature); Steel; Steel - Stainless (optional feature); Aluminum
  • Speed: 0.0 to 500
  • Pressure: 0.0 to 7500
  • Temperature: 0.0 to 220
2200 Series Rotary -- 2200K-02
from Talco, Inc.

High extrusion resistance, low friction surface, even loading on surface [See More]

  • Body Material: Steel (optional feature); Steel - Stainless (optional feature); Aluminum
  • Speed: 400
  • Pressure: 200 to 5000
  • Temperature: 400