4 Digital Readouts Datasheets

4 axis display and position controller -- PV1
from Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

4 axis display and position controller. For lathes and milling machines. High speed counter for high resolution linear scales and encoders. Numeric keypad.Panel mount version [See More]

  • Axes: 4
  • Applications: Machine Tool
  • Number of Lines: 4
  • Display Type: Numeric Display
Evaluation Electronics, Digital Readouts -- ND 1100 QUADRA-CHEK

ND 1100 QUADRA-CHEKEvaluation electronics for- Positioning equipment- Measuring fixturesFunctions:- Measurement series with min./max. value storage [See More]

  • Axes: 2; 3; 4
  • Number of Digits: 7
  • Channels: 1
  • Resolution: 3.94E-6 to 0.0394
Gage-Chek® Series
from Metronics Incorporated

The Gage-Chek is a multi-channel digital readout that accepts up to 16 gaging inputs from a wide variety of encoders, sensors and transducers. It features intuitive graphic displays, helpful audio cues and user-defined formulas. It also reports dynamic Min/Max measurements, provides SPC analyses... [See More]

  • Axes: 1; 2; 3; 4
  • Input Types: Resistance; Serial
  • Resolution: 4.00E-6
  • Display Type: Graphic; Alphanumeric Display
Z 840
from RSF Electronics, Inc.

Complete digital readout system, easy to use, speed and simplify [See More]

  • Axes: 4
  • Number of Lines: 3
  • Number of Digits: 8
  • Character Size: 0.5709