High Speed Steel Cutting Tool Inserts Datasheets

1 Series HSS -- 131T-.703
from Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.

Original T-A ® is an excellent choice for general purpose use. The design provides fast penetration rates that produce good hole size and finish. Standard geometry combines highly efficient and stable cutting action to minimize power consumption. Recommended for use in most steels, cast irons,... [See More]

  • Material: High Speed Steel
  • Shape: Spade Drill
  • Application: Drilling
  • Special Tip Angle: 132
Heavy-Feed Inserts -- RF12-D
from Dapra Corporation

Heavy-feed inserts have the strongest cross-section of the RHINO-FEED line. With their additional top-clamping, heavy-feed inserts are suitable for heavier DOC and larger machines (50 taper, box ways, etc). For optimum performance, use good combinations of heavier DOC with light-to-middle FPT, or... [See More]

  • Material: High Speed Steel
  • Shape: Square; Dished
  • Application: Cutoff
  • Tip Angle: 90°