Ceramics / Glass Honing, Lapping, and Super-finishing Machines Datasheets

3-Way, Planetary, Dual Face Lapping And Polishing Machine -- LSP 12
from Lapmaster-Wolters International

The Lapmaster Model LSP 12 is a 3-way, planetar y, dual face lapping and polishing machine with a sophisticated control system. It can execute complex lapping and polishing routines while producing precise and repeatable results. The LSP12 can lap or polish a wide range of materials to ver y tight... [See More]

  • Applications / Material Abraded: Medical Devices or Biotech Parts; Ceramics / Glass; Electronics; Metal; Ophthalmic or Optical; Plastics or Composites; Wet Grinding
  • Mounting: Floor
  • Type: Lapping Machine
  • Power Source: Electric Motor
2 Single Stroke Honing® System -- VSS® Series
from Sunnen Products Company

The VSS-2 Single Stroke Honing ® System is designed for low maintenance with "lubed for life" linear slides. A standard 7.5 kW (10 Hp) spindle motor, a rock solid cast iron spindle carriage, a thermal-resistant composite base, and a thick steel tooling plate combine to make the VSS-2 the most... [See More]

  • Applications / Material Abraded: Automotive or Paint; Ceramics / Glass; Metal
  • Mounting: Floor
  • Type: Honing Machine
  • Rotary Speed: 100 to 2250
Double Side Machining (DSM) advanced
from SpeedFam Corporation

The same quality SpeedFam has been known for over the past fifty years is available in the newest most advanced Double Side Machines ever made. These models of DSM provide all the features of the basic systems with programmable touch screen controls. This allows you to pre-program multiple process... [See More]

  • Applications / Material Abraded: Ceramics / Glass; Metal
  • Mounting: Floor
  • Type: Lapping Machine
  • Features: Double Sided, Disc or Face