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Home Special Purpose Seals AnchorLock -- AnchorLock
from Abric North America, Inc.

AnchorLock is a new generation seal that is suitable for a wide range of applications due to its flexible wire length and ability to fit through narrow recesses. AnchorLock provides additional tamper evidence because the serial number on the housing can be cross-checked against the anchor that is... [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: AnchorLock
Heavy Duty Strap Seal -- PS360
from American Casting & Manufacturing Corp.

PS360 BagGuard Seals are available with or without bag gripping teeth. The 110 lb tensile strength makes the PS360 ideal for applications needing a durable adjustable plastic seal. DESCRIPTION. The Model PS360 BagGuard seal is a high strength adjustable strap seal. This tamper evident seal features... [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: Plastic Loop (Pull Tight) Seal; Bag Seal
  • Features: Disposable; Markable
  • Applications: Airplane; Bags; Banking / Currency Bags
Bag Chamber Seal
from Mega Fortris Americas Inc.

This MM Seal is designed for the sealing of bag chambers. These bags are generally used in the Casino Financial Services & Banking, Retail and Police Sectors. Be assured of better security with our innovative use of materials and industrial design. MM Seal - Features. 1. The MM Seal is quick and... [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: Bag Chamber Seal
  • Applications: Bags
Barrier Lock Seals
from Oneseal

First Generation of Seals.  The first generation of High Security Seals has been improved over the years and today's top model features engraving of the seal by use of high technology laser. The engraving is protected by an ultra-sound welded plastic cap to protect against tampering and the... [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: Barrier Seal
  • Features: BarCode
  • Applications: Cargo / Container (optional feature); Truck (optional feature)
204 Lock Seal
from Stoffel Seals Corporation

The 204 Lock Seal was designed specifically for use in the utilities industry. This unique seal creates a barrier to entry for gas meter valves, water meter valves, and electrical entrance panels. A lock-seal key is required for removal. [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: Lock Seal
  • Features: Reusable
  • Applications: Utility Meter / Government; Electrical Entrance Panels
12" Blue "Tug Tight" Pull-Tight Seals -- SE1006
from TransPak

One time use tamper evident pull-tight adjustable security seals. Allows the user to cinch-up the seal according to their specific size requirements. A heavy-duty, adjustable security seal designed for use on transportation and storage equipment or anywhere a multi-locking, tamper evident pull-tight... [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: Pull-Tight Seal
Pull Tight Seals -- 49954
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

Plastic pull tight seals are easy to use with their one piece, self-locking construction that adjusts to fit a variety of closure sizes. Light duty seals are self-locking and easy to use. Padlock seals are easy to apply and have self-locking seal. Sold in full packages only. [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: Pull Tight Seals
Holographic Latency Image Detector
from ZBA, Inc.

If you desire to have customized labels then we can design in hidden holographic latency image. This latency image is formed using a special holographic re-combination technique. The exact technique is very specific to the holographic companies equipment and it is very difficult to counterfeit. The... [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: Seal Detector
  • Features: Reusable