Other / Specialized Security Seals

Secure Flex -- SF-DL01
from Johnson Electric North America, Inc.

Parlex Secure-Flex ™ is an innovative technology to increase security and provide the highest protection against intrusion and tampering of critical areas within payment terminals. Parlex Secure-Flex can be customized for any payment terminal, to protect the printed circuit board, smart card... [See More]

  • Applications: Banking / Currency Bags; Point of Sale
  • Sealing Devices: Breakable Conductor
High Residue Tamper Evident Labels -- 3" x 9" TT
from American Casting & Manufacturing Corp.

3" x 9" TT High Residue tamper evident labels are available in rolls of 250. Prices listed are per roll. DESCRIPTION. 3" x 9" TT Labels are high residue labels that can be applied to most surfaces. When the label has been lifted or removed, a clearly visible "OPENED" message appears on the surface. [See More]

  • Applications: Airplane; Cargo / Container; Warranty Seals for Computers, Envelope Seals for Correspondence, Election Machines, Ballot Boxes
  • Features: BarCode; Disposable; Markable
  • Sealing Devices: Adhesive Seals (Tape); Frangible
Semi-Finished Roll Stock -- SID001
from Jordan Products Co.

SID001. Secure-ID ® Semi-Finished Roll Stock in our Standard Layer Construction. Each of these standard layer constructions either highlights one of the Secure-ID Optical Thin Film ’s unique activation capabilities or provides an opportunity for the customer to combine other unique layers... [See More]

  • Applications: Airplane; Cargo / Container; Chemical / Pharmaceutical; Medical / Hospital; Gaming & Voting Machines
  • Sealing Devices: Adhesive Seals (Tape)
Drum Seal - Tamra Seal
from Mega Fortris Americas Inc.

The Tamra Seal has been designed specially to secure the contents of cash boxes and drums. The seal sits tightly when applied and is therefore very useful for applications like coin boxes that fit into a public phone. Be assured of better security with our innovative use of materials and industrial... [See More]

  • Applications: Banking / Currency Bags; Drum / Barrel; Cash Boxes and Drums
  • Sealing Devices: Plastic Loop (Pull Tight) Seal
Wire Security Seals
from Oneseal

First Generation of Seals.  The first generation of High Security Seals has been improved over the years and today's top model features engraving of the seal by use of high technology laser. The engraving is protected by an ultra-sound welded plastic cap to protect against tampering and the... [See More]

  • Applications: Cargo / Container (optional feature); Truck (optional feature); Gates, Valves
  • Features: BarCode
  • Sealing Devices: Wire Seals