Padlock Seal Security Seals Datasheets

Home Barrier Seals PadLock -- PadLock
from Abric North America, Inc.

DescriptionPadLock provides a low cost, highly secure, single use alternative to conventional padlocks. It has advanced metal locking mechanisms and it meets UK customs requirement.Key FeaturesThis range of high security seal meets UK customs requirementHave advanced locking mechanismPadLock 1 is... [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: Padlock
  • Applications: Cargo / Container; Doors
Acrylic Meter Seal -- XPC-2
from American Casting & Manufacturing Corp.

The Model XPC-2 features a clear acrylic body with contrasting colored insert. Available with galvanized or stainless steel hasps. Seals purchased online are printed SEALED and numbered. DESCRIPTION. AC &M Model XPC-2 is an acrylic padlock seal for long term exposure. The Model XPC-2 features a... [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: Padlock
  • Applications: Banking / Currency Bags; Cargo / Container; Drum / Barrel; Fire / Safety; Medical / Hospital; Utility Meter / Government
Metal Padlock Seal - Fort Hasp Padlock
from Mega Fortris Americas Inc.

Widely used by airline industry, the padlock offer anti-pilferage diversity. Application include - Aircraft liquor carts, drums, switches, valves, utility meters. Be assured of better securitry with our innovative use of materials and industrial design. Fort Hasp Padlock - Features. 1. The Fort Hasp... [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: Padlock
  • Features: BarCode
  • Applications: Drum / Barrel; Utility Meter / Government; Scales, Pumps, Totes
Econo Padlock PW-6
from Stoffel Seals Corporation

The Econo Plastic Padlock Seal - PW-6, is an easy to apply plastic padlock seal which features a galvanized or stainless steel wire hasp which can be scored for added protection and easy removal. Any attempt to tamper with the econo padlock seal leaves a clearly evident mark, but seal will continue... [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: Padlock
  • Features: Disposable
  • Applications: Airplane; Chemical / Pharmaceutical; Drum / Barrel; Utility Meter / Government; Bar Trolleys
Blue "PP-2" Plastic Padlock Seals -- SE1026
from TransPak

All-purpose plastic padlock seal with an engineered break point for fast access. One-piece, easy-break, all-plastic construction. Padlock style locking arrow fits all applications where traditional padlocks are used. Engineered to break easily, with one hand. Consecutively numbered. 12 Point break... [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: Padlock
Padlock Seals -- 49959
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

Padlock Seals are easy to apply and have a self locking seal. [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: Padlock