Markable Security Seals

1/16" Adjustable Cable Seal -- CL9914-14
from American Casting & Manufacturing Corp.

Model CL99-14's 1/16" diameter cable is available in 6", 14", 24", 40", and 72" lengths. This versatile cable seal is printed "SEALED" and consecutively numbered. DESCRIPTION. AC &M Model CL99-14 is a zinc bodied adjustable cable seal. The CL99-14's 1.5mm (1/16") diameter cable is available in a... [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: Cable
  • Features: Disposable; Markable
  • Applications: Airplane; Cargo / Container; Drum / Barrel; RailCar; Truck; Utility Meter / Government
High Security Cable Seal MCLZ-500
from Mega Fortris Americas Inc.

The introduction of Mega Fortris ’ new MCLZ range of cable security seals is a major step towards improving the security of the global supply chain. The security value of this unique product is unmatched in the security seal industry, and will provide our many security-conscious clients with... [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: Cable
  • Approvals: US Customs Approved; ISO 17712
  • Features: BarCode; Markable
Holographic Tamper Evident Label with Circle Destruct
from ZBA, Inc.

The Circle Destruct Taper Evident Holographic Label starts out life as a standard Hologram Label with a few enhancements. When you attempt to remove the label from the object that is adhered to the label will destruct in the pattern shown with a alternating weak and strong adhesive. The metalized... [See More]

  • Sealing Devices: Adhesive Seals (Tape)
  • Features: Disposable; Markable