Double Shaft Pneumatic Rotary Actuators Datasheets

AR Series Rotary Actuator -- AR 020 Series
from ASCO

The torque rack on the AR Series produces the rotary output torque while the control rack determines rotary stroke. The output shaft is supported by two angular contact bearings. The NuMate ™ mounting feature provides a convenient method of mounting the AR-Rotaries to the SH-Series linear... [See More]

  • Number: Single Shaft (optional feature); Double Shaft (optional feature)
  • Rotation Angle: 90°; 180°
  • Actuator Style: Rack and Pinion (Double)
  • Pressure Range: ? to 250
Series RL Compact Pneumatic Rotary Actuator
from PHD, Inc.

PHD Series RL Rotary Actuators cover a wide range of sizes from miniature 12 mm bore units to 63 mm bore units. These actuators have a very high torque to envelope ratio and are capable of very high rotation velocities. Built-in optional shock absorbers provide smooth deceleration of external loads. [See More]

  • Number: Double Shaft (optional feature)
  • Pressure Range: 20 to 150
  • Rotation Angle: 45° (optional feature); 90° (optional feature); 135° (optional feature); 180° (optional feature); 225° (optional feature); 270° (optional feature)
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 180
Dual Rack Indexing Actuator -- X12
from Rotomation, Inc.

The X12 indexing actuator has been redesigned in recent years to increase its load bearing capacity and enhance value-added features such as washdown protection. This unique device indexes with high accuracy and no accumulating error. It is ideal for use in small index tables, conveyors, or to... [See More]

  • Number: Single Shaft; Double Shaft (optional feature)
  • Rotation Angle: Less than 45 degrees; 45°; 90°; 120°; 180°; 360°; 12, 15, 18. 22.5, 30, 36, 60, 72 Degrees; Multiple Position; Adjustable Angle One Side (optional feature); Adjustable Angle Both Sides (optional feature)
  • Actuator Style: Rack and Pinion (Double); Rotary Vane (Double)
  • Pressure Range: 0.0 to 150
from RS Components, Ltd.

Festo DRRD series twin-piston rotary actuators feature a rack and pinion principle with a very high bearing load capacity. The compact design of the DRRD series allows various configurations as a suitable solution for different applications. Quarter turn actuators are suitable for automating... [See More]

  • Number: Double Shaft
  • Pressure Range: 116
  • Rotation Angle: 180°
  • Maximum Torque: 14.16
Rotary Actuators

Norgren offers one of the industry ’s most comprehensive ranges of pneumatic actuators and air cylinders. With Norgren quality at the heart customers can choose from a wide range of variants for many industrial applications. [See More]

  • Number: Single Shaft; Double Shaft
  • Rotation Angle: 45°; 90°; 180°
  • Actuator Style: Rack and Pinion (Single); Rack and Pinion (Double)
  • Pressure Range: 150