Block Silica, Quartz, and Silicate Materials

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High Alumina Fireclay Bricks
from Gouda Refractories BV

High alumina fire clay bricks made from selected raw materials calcined at high temperatures.  . The high density and very low amount of bonding clay give the bricks a low porosity, excellent mechanical strength and excellent physical properties for application up to 1.550 °C. [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Block
  • Silicate Type: Fireclay
Fire Clay, High Alumina, and Other Refractory Bricks
from CeramSource Inc.

APPLICATIONS OF FIRE CLAY HIGH ALUMINA BRICK  Coke oven, re-generator, checker brick, flue, combustor, roofs, walls, riser pipes, door and etc. Coke quench tower,  chamber dust collector, residual-heat boiler,  soaking pit,  and different kinds of heating furnaces. Copper, lead... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Block
  • Compressive Strength: 3553 to 11603
  • Silicate Type: Cordierite; Fireclay; Silica or fused silica; Mullite; Cordierite, Andalusite, Corundum
Insulating Fire Brick
from CeramSource Inc.

High temperature insulating fire bricks offers a unique combination of insulating properties along with load bearing ability.  The temperature ranges are from 2000 º F to 3000 º F, is where IFBs  really shine. It ™s low thermal conductivity are as low as ceramic fiber based... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Block
  • Compressive Strength: 260 to 363
  • Silicate Type: Silica or fused silica
  • Density: 0.5769 to 1.02