Steatite Silica, Quartz, and Silicate Materials

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Silicate Ceramics, Steatite
from CoorsTek

Steatite is used in electronic components and manufacturing processes. Its low dielectric loss combined with a high dielectric strength make it an excellent inexpensive component for electronics and manufacturing processes. Example Applications. Traditional electrical insulators. Fuses [See More]

  • Silicate Type: Steatite
  • MOR / Flexural Strength: 20305 to 23206
  • Composition: Mg Silicate
  • Applications: HV / Electrical; Traditional electrical insulators, Fuses
from Kyocera Corporation

Superior electrical and mechanical properties with good mechanical machining performance. [See More]

  • Silicate Type: Steatite
  • MOR / Flexural Strength: 23206 to 30458
  • Shape / Form: Custom Shape
  • Modulus of Elasticity: 2.18E7 to 2.76E7
Standard Standoff -- 50303
from Superior Technical Ceramics Corp.

Sharp edges at the ends may be broken to prevent chipping. Thread may be countersunk a maximum of 1/16" deep to prevent chipping. .006"/ inch max camber allowance. Threads must accept a Class 1 metal screw to the above minimum thread depth. Threads will be perpendicular within 2 degrees of ends or... [See More]

  • Silicate Type: Steatite
  • Length: 0.3750
  • Shape / Form: Ferrule / Eyelet; Rod
  • Width / OD: 0.3750