Hysteresis Electric Brakes

HB Electromagnetic Hysteresis Brake -- HB-0.5
from Ogura Industrial Corp.

FAST RESPONSE. The torque of H series electromagnetic hysteresis clutches/brakes is independent of slip speed. Torque is directly proportionate to coil current, thus the torque of each unit can be adjusted by varying the current. Once the current is stable, the torque remains constant. LONG LIFE. [See More]

  • Magnetic Type: Hysteresis
  • Power: 0.0092
  • Torque: 0.3670
  • Speed: 3000
Permanent Magnetic Hysteresis -- 52-PHT
from SG Transmission

Permanent magnet hysteresis clutches and brakes have been designed to maintain high performance in continuous slip applications through maximum and continuous heat dissipation. The use of high wear resistant particles assures long operational life in high cycle applications. Key Features. Constant... [See More]

  • Magnetic Type: Permanent Magnet; Hysteresis
  • Speed: 700 to 1800
  • Torque: 0.3687 to 5.16
  • Shaft: In-line