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  • Controlling wafer transport in a vacuum environment
    at the workspace. According to Dan Hutcheson at VLSI Research (San Jose), the semiconductor industry is building about 25 fabs a year. At such a high cost, however, it's difficult to justify the economics. Process tools within the fab cost millions of dollars. As a result, each process tool must contribute
  • Medical Device Link .
    A company offers complete extrusion systems for the medical device industry including extruders, feed screws, integrated control systems, and associated downstream components such as dies, melt pumps, vacuum tanks, cooling tanks, pullers and cutters, and auxiliary equipment. The equipment can
  • Straight Talk on Wobble-Piston Pumps
    instruments, patient monitors, and other medical equipment. The large Model 2750 weighs 20 lb and produces 30-psi maximum with 5.35-cfm open flow. Applications range from oxygen concentrators to copy machines. Altitude can have a significant effect on pump performance, particularly at high pressures
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Parylene features include electrical insulation, moisture and chemical isolation, mechanical protection, enhanced lubricity, and surface consolidation. Properly applied, vacuum-deposited parylene withstands autoclaving, radiation, and ethylene oxide sterilization. This high-performance medical coating
  • Medical Device Link .
    has developed a two-component mold for syringe plungers, thus eliminating assembly operations. Metal-injection molding is touted by another company as a time-saving technique for the high-volume production of intricate metal components. On the equipment and tooling front, a continuous vacuum forming
  • Medical Device Link . Coating and Surface Treatment Technologies
    or dipping; vacuum deposition techniques; and such surface-modification technologies as diffusion, laser and plasma processes, chemical plating, grafting or bonding, hydrogel encapsulation, and bombardment with high-energy particles. Traditionally, the goal was to achieve improved physical
  • Synthetic lubricants for the long haul
    A hot industrial bearing lubricated with PFPEs. Harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and high loads can quickly deteriorate bearings, joints, and other moving parts. The right lubrication can help decrease wear and tear, making a difference in the performance and life of components. The use
  • Contamination: hydraulic system enemy no. 1
    cooling. Leaky reservoirs and seals, careless use of steam cleaners or high-pressure washers, can also introduce water. Demulsifiers in most oils help separate the heavier water portion for draining. Special coalescent materials, desiccants, centrifuges, and vacuum hydration are other ways to eliminate

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