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Locks are used to secure doors, cabinets, and other points of entry. Locks can be found in a wide variety of facilities from exterior doors, to schools, to retail operations, to manufacturing facilities.


Locks should be selected to provide the appropriate level of protection depending on the following:


  • Application
  • Property location
  • Property value
  • Goods being protected
  • Level of risk associated with loss of business or assets 


A deadbolt is one type of security lock. A deadbolt is more secure than a traditional spring lock, because a deadbolt cannot be opened except by rotating the lock cylinder. A keyless deadbolt lock is a locking mechanism that can be remotely locked or unlocked.


Locks and Locking Systems InformationA separate version of the keyless deadbolt is an electronic deadbolt. An electronic deadbolt includes a computer chip that can be programmed to lock the door automatically after leaving or entering. An electronic deadbolt can also be opened without use of a key.


Rolling security codes help keep electronic deadbolts safe from break ins. Locks and locking systems can also be coupled with security systems, closed camera TVs, intruder detection equipment, garage door openers, or remotely activated lighting devices.

A related product in the Locks segment is a taper lock. A taper lock is used in the fabrication of pulleys, plate sprockets, fans, etc. A taper lock bushing is internal sleeve compression fittings that are lock to a permanent shaft in a more substantial way.  


A security door lock is not only limited to exterior doors. Locks vendors also supply cabinet hardware security locks for specific applications such as filing cabinets or gun cabinets.




ANSI A115.6 - Preassembled locks.


ANSI A156.24 - This standard covers products used in connection with conventional exit devices or locks causing the doors to remain locked after releasing actuation for a predetermined length of time.


ANSI A156.11 - This standard establishes requirements for cabinet locks used on doors, drawers and furniture.


ASTM F883 - This specification covers environmental, functional, operational, and security requirements for padlocks.




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