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Learning Activity 10 9: Sabotage


The goals of this activity are to

  • learn how trust affects team behaviour

  • learn how trust affects business productivity.


  • Handout Handout 11 10: The Sabotage Exercise

  • Handout 11 11: Team Member Assignment Cards

  • two decks of playing cards for each team of three to five people

  • flipchart and marking pen

  • prizes (optional)


  • Clock 30 minutes


Before beginning the workshop using this exercise, print double-sided (and laminate if possible) the cards found in Handout 11 11: Team Member Assignment Cards (Chapter 11, page 157). This will allow you to secretly set up the following four situations:

Thinks the team Has a saboteur has a saboteur

Has a saboteur

Thinks the team has a saboteur

Team A



Team B



Team C



Team D



Handout 11 11 shows the number of cards you should make based on four teams with four people in each. If you have more or fewer people, you can adjust the number of cards, or have two of one of the teams above. For more than 16 people, just create more team cards for each team. For fewer than 16 people consider eliminating Team B and then, if necessary, Team D. You cannot play this successfully without at least two teams.

Hand one of the team assignment cards to each member of the A team. Then hand one to each member of the B team, and so on through all...

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