IEEE 1394 (FireWire®) Single Board Computers (SBC) Datasheets

Inflexion™ Zynq -- 7020 SOM-LV
from Logic PD

Today ’s smart systems provide increasing amounts of information to make more intelligent decisions for efficiency, security, cost, quality, and productivity. The vast amount of data these smart systems transfer requires a combination of software-based control with real-time processing... [See More]

  • Ports: Serial Interface; USB; IEEE1394 (FireWire)
  • Operating Temperature: -13 to 185
  • Processor / CPU: dual-core ARM® Cortex™-A9
MiniModule™ PC/104 Expansion Module -- MM3-1394-L-10
from Ampro Computers, Inc.

ViaVT6307L IEEE 1394 host controller, two IEEE 1394a ports,any PC/104-plus [See More]

  • Ports: IEEE1394 (FireWire)
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 158
  • Computer Bus: ISA/EISA; PCI; PC/104 (PC/104-Plus, EBX, ETX)
Freescale MPC7410 or MPC750 VEM Single Board Computer -- MVME5100
from Artesyn Embedded Technologies

The Artesyn Embedded Technologies MVME5100 series features the Freescale MPC7410 or MPC750 microprocessor with 32KB/32KB L1 cache. It uses the Artesyn PowerPlus II Architecture to support full PCI throughput of 264MB/s without starving the processor from its memory. Based on an integrated PCI... [See More]

  • Ports: Serial Interface; Parallel Interface; IEEE1394 (FireWire)
  • Computer Bus: PCI; VME Bus; SCSI
  • Processor / CPU: Freescale MPC7410 or MPC750
  • CPU Speed: 400 to 500
EBC 363

Embedded CPU board, w/ CPU/Video/LAN/Audio/IEEE 1394 [See More]

  • Ports: USB; IEEE1394 (FireWire)
  • Computer Bus: PCI
  • Processor / CPU: VIA Eden
  • CPU Speed: 1000
Mini-ITX Mainboard -- VIA EPIA M
from VIA Technologies, Inc.

Ultimate platform for digital media devices and home entertainment centers [See More]

  • Ports: Serial Interface; Parallel Interface; USB; IEEE1394 (FireWire); VGA, LAN, RCA, S-Video
  • Computer Bus: VIA EPIA M
  • Processor / CPU: VIA C3™ / VIA Eden™ EBGA
  • Main Memory: 1000