Monocular Microscopes Datasheets

Workshop Measuring Microscope - MarVision -- MM200
from Mahr Inc.

Product features. High quality optics for light intensive and sharp three dimensional images. Zoom lens with continuous variable magnification and/or fixed lens. Focusing with an ergonomic hand wheel, mounted either side, ideal for either a left or right handed operator. Prism head tilted to 45... [See More]

  • Features: Mechanical Stage; Monocular
  • Grade: Benchtop
  • Application: Measuring / Toolmaker / Inspection
  • Magnification: 8 to 40
Advanced Zoom Macro Microscope System -- AZ100 Multizoom
from Nikon Metrology

A multi-purpose zoom microscope system that provides capabilities that don't currently exist with stereomicroscopes and compound high magnification microscopes. The AZ100 Multizoom represents a new concept in zoom microscopes. It covers an extremely wide range of magnifications, from 5x to 400x,... [See More]

  • Features: Mechanical Stage; Monocular
  • Grade: Benchtop
  • Application: Gemological; Metallurgical; Semiconductor; Electronics, Composites
  • Microscope Type: Polarizing; Stereomicroscope
Modular Microscope -- BXFM-A
from Olympus America, Inc.

The BXFM-A is a space saving computer controlled microscope module incorporating a motorized Z focus and reflected light vertical illuminator. The BXFM-A offers a high performance optical sensor capability for sophisticated inspection system. [See More]

  • Features: Digital Display; Monocular (optional feature)
  • Grade: Benchtop
  • Application: Semiconductor
  • Microscope Type: Compound; Fluorescent
inVia Raman Microscope
from Renishaw

Since being launched, the Renishaw inVia Raman microscope has become the world's best selling research Raman system. The inVia Raman microscope combines simplicity of operation with the high performance and unparalleled flexibility for which Renishaw Raman systems are renowned. inVia Raman... [See More]

  • Features: Digital Display (optional feature); Mechanical Stage; Spring Loaded Front Lens (optional feature); Variable Working Distance (optional feature); Monocular (optional feature); Oil Immersion Lens (optional feature); Fine Focus (optional feature)
  • Grade: Student (optional feature); Benchtop (optional feature); Research
  • Application: Measuring / Toolmaker / Inspection (optional feature); Biological / Life Sciences; Gemological; Medical / Forensic; Metallurgical (optional feature); Semiconductor
  • Microscope Type: Acoustic / Ultrasonic (optional feature); Microwave (optional feature); Compound (optional feature); Fluorescent (optional feature); Inverted (optional feature); Laser / Confocal; Polarizing (optional feature); Portable Field (optional feature); Scanning Electron Microscope (optional feature); Scanning Probe / Atomic Force (optional feature); Stereomicroscope (optional feature); Transmission Electron Microscope (optional feature); Raman
Flashlight Comparator -- 1001
from Titan Tool Supply, Inc.

The Titan Flashlight Comparator combines the advantages of 10X Power Magnification with an etched glass reticle and a consistent powerful light source. The lens is a triple Calmer type, achromatic with 10X Power Magnification and is located in a completely detachable head which can be used by itself... [See More]

  • Features: Monocular
  • Microscope Type: Portable Field
  • Application: Measuring / Toolmaker / Inspection
  • Magnification: 10
Close Focus Microscope/Telescope; 20x/6x, 13.0 mm FOV, 10 Degree -- GO-03096-00
from Cole-Parmer

bull; Dual use <emdash >magnify up to 45x or view objects at a distance. Scope are constructed of durable aluminum and plastic. Lenses come with covers to protect against scratches. Eyepiece has a soft edge for comfort and safety. Includes a neck strap, a micro lens stand, hard carrying case,... [See More]

  • Features: Monocular
  • Magnification: 20
  • Microscope Type: Compact Microscopes
  • Working Distance: 79
Illuminated Microscope -- Model 3355
from Control Company

Illuminated Portable Pocket Microscope Pocket Microscope magnifies view. An indispensable tool for anyone who needs to see things at high magnification in bright light, with true color, high contrast, and a sharply defined focus. Hand held unit is perfect for inspection, quality control, field use,... [See More]

  • Features: Monocular
  • Grade: Pocket Size
  • Application: Metallurgical
  • Microscope Type: Portable Field
BRINscope Brinell Microscope -- BRINscope
from Foundrax Engineering Products, Ltd.

The Foundrax BRINscope manual Brinell microscope gives the accuracy of a scientific instrument with the reliability and robustness required for use on the shop floor – even in harsh industrial environments such as those found in foundries, forges, and steelworks. The small area of the nose... [See More]

  • Features: Monocular
  • Grade: Portable
  • Application: Measuring / Toolmaker / Inspection
  • Microscope Type: Portable Field
Raman Microscope -- XploRA One
from HORIBA Scientific

Overview. The XploRA ONE ™ is the highly versatile, yet easy to use, Raman microscope targeted at the industrial and routine analytical sector. It combines optical microscopy, with sensitive Raman analysis in a “ONE shot “ analysis concept. Raman has never been so easy and yet so... [See More]

  • Features: Monocular
  • Grade: Research
  • Application: Biological / Life Sciences; Gemological; Medical / Forensic; Semiconductor
  • Microscope Type: Laser / Confocal; Raman Microscope
Parco EDS Series Microscope -- EDS-320L
from Parco Scientific Company

User-friendly microscope equipped with your choice of a monocular, 45 º dual viewing or a binocular head. Excellent for high school students interested in viewing slides. Students will benefit from the many features including a reversed nosepiece, separate coarse and fine focusing or coaxial... [See More]

  • Features: Monocular
  • Grade: Student
  • Application: Biological / Life Sciences
from Park Systems, Inc.

The XE-100 is our flagship AFM with reduced drift rate and the Step-and-Scan Automation that provides the ultimate AFM/SPM performance in Non-Contact nanoscale metrology. It is a mid-priced system for materials science, polymers, electrochemistry and other applications in nanoscience and... [See More]

  • Features: Digital Display; Monocular
  • Grade: Benchtop; Research
  • Application: Biological / Life Sciences
  • Microscope Type: Scanning Probe / Atomic Force
Fiber Optic Bench Microscope -- 800-G130S
from Prior Scientific, Inc.

Features: Monocular, binocular, or video models are available. Unique modular design permits easy customization of systems. Accommodates single or multimode optical fibers. Over 50 types of interchangeable adapters available. The Fiber Optic Bench Microscope from Prior Scientific is simple, easy to... [See More]

  • Features: Digital Display (optional feature); Mechanical Stage; Monocular
  • Grade: Benchtop
  • Application: Fiber Endface
  • Microscope Type: Compound
BIO-POL 1 -- 12000
from Unitron Ltd.

45 ° incline head, ball bearing stage, rack and pinion substage [See More]

  • Features: Mechanical Stage (optional feature); Spring Loaded Front Lens; Monocular; Fine Focus
  • Grade: Benchtop
  • Application: Biological / Life Sciences
  • Microscope Type: Compound; Polarizing