Polyurethane / Urethane Hydraulic Seals and Pneumatic Seals Datasheets

G-T Ring 13,000 Series
from Greene, Tweed & Co.

The unique G-T ® Ring provides a compact double-acting seal for use in new designs for light or heavy duty applications where a more bulky type of seal had previously been required. This proven seal combines a tough, resilient, T-shaped sealing element with precisely dimensioned,... [See More]

  • Material (ASTM Abbreviation): Ethylene Propylene (optional feature); Fluoroelastomer (FKM) (optional feature); Nitrile (NBR) (optional feature); Polyurethane (optional feature)
  • Action: Double Acting
  • Orientation / Direction: Rod Seal (optional feature); Piston Seal (optional feature)
  • Seal Type: (Composite Seal)
606 Series Single Acting Piston Seals -- 606
from Hallite Seals International Ltd.

The Hallite 606 is an asymmetric piston seal designed to offer effective bore sealing in a wide variety of applications.The outer dynamic lip is shorter and more robust to provide improved sealing and compression set characteristics over conventional U rings.The seal can be used by itself as a... [See More]

  • Material (ASTM Abbreviation): Polyurethane; Hythane® 181
  • Action: Single Acting; Double Acting
  • Orientation / Direction: Piston Seal
  • Seal Type: U-ring / Block Vee Ring
Buffer Ring -- BUF RB Style Buffer Seal
from Hi-Tech Seals, Inc.

Hi-Tech Seals can supply both piston and rod buffer seals, however, the majority of our stock consists of rod seals. Buffer seals are usually used in combination with a U-cup style seal. Buffer seals in rod applications are designed to absorb pressure fluctuations when working under high-load... [See More]

  • Material (ASTM Abbreviation): Nylon; Polyurethane
  • Action: Single Acting
  • Orientation / Direction: Rod Seal
  • Seal Type: (Composite Seal)