Auto-Lens CCD Cameras

xWatch Explosion-Proof Surveillance Camera (Stand Alone)
from Det-Tronics

The xWatch explosion-proof surveillance camera provides a high-resolution color image, real-time viewing, and pre/post event analysis. The xWatch camera is designed specifically for remote, high-risk, and hard-to-access areas. Multiple configurations are available: A stand-alone camera that performs... [See More]

  • Camera Function: Video
  • Specialty Camera Type: Low Light Camera; Line Scan Camera
  • Monochrome / Color: Color
  • Application / Industry: Industrial; Security / Law Enforcement
FIS Coax Camera -- S-DAM
from Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc./FIS

3.5-8mm lens, high res, auto IRIS [See More]

  • Camera Function: Video
  • Application / Industry: Security / Law Enforcement
  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome (optional feature); Color (optional feature)
  • Performance: Autofocus
(Stealth) Super Night Vision Outdoor AF 30X Zoom Camera -- EL8000
from IC Realtime, LLC

The new, feature-rich EL8000 brings more than cutting-edge style. It also brings you the power of sWDR with an integrated Active Infrared system. With the built-in 30X (f3.3~99mm) optical zoom lens and 10X digital zoom function, the camera provides 300X of zoom capability. Users can utilize the... [See More]

  • Camera Function: Video
  • Performance: Autofocus
  • Horizontal Resolution: 520 to 570
  • Format / Output: NTSC; PAL
Vision HAWK Smart Camera -- Vision HAWK Liquid Lens
from Microscan Systems Incorporated

The Vision HAWK is a flexible industrial smart camera that delivers powerful vision capabilities in a compact, easy-to-use package. Developed for vision users of all experience levels in a broad range of applications, the Vision HAWK features an intuitive vision interface, optional C-mount lens... [See More]

  • Camera Function: Still
  • Specialty Camera Type: Vision Sensor; High Speed Camera; Smart Camera
  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome
  • Application / Industry: Industrial
Streampix 5-PrePost Multi Camera Troubleshooting
from NorPix, Inc.

For troubleshooting applications requiring multiple cameras. Monitor a single target from various angles. StreamPix4 is compatible with multiple cameras at various speeds and resolutions. Troubleshoot your production line or analyze hardware issues by imaging. View events from multiple angles. [See More]

  • Camera Function: Video
  • Specialty Camera Type: High Speed Camera; Low Light Camera; Smart Camera; Line Scan Camera
  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome; Color
  • Application / Industry: Broadcast; Industrial; Scientific / Research; Security / Law Enforcement
FireWire CCD Microscopy Camera -- PL-B872CF-KIT
from PixeLINK

Details. The PL-B872 uses a 2/3" format 1.45 megapixel Sony progressive scan sensor that provides a maximum image resolution of 1392 x 1040 with a frame rate of 15 fps. The enhanced sensitivity of the ILT CCD sensor combined with low dark current, low smear and excellent anitblooming result in low... [See More]

  • Camera Function: Video
  • Application / Industry: Scientific / Research; Histology, Pathology, Hematology
  • Monochrome / Color: Color
  • Horizontal Resolution: 1392