Pan / Tilt CCD Cameras

from Clinton Electronics Corporation

1/4" SONY EX-View CCD, 470 / 540 TVL (High Resolution Mode), High-Speed Precision PTZ, High Sensitivity in Low Light Environment, Fast Auto Focus, Compact Size, Fan with Thermal Control, OSD for Configuration Setup (Dip-switch free setup), Path Memory Function, Privacy Masking, 128 Presets, 4.2 ~... [See More]

  • Camera Function: Video
  • Shutter Speed: 1.00E-4 to 1
  • Horizontal Resolution: 470 to 540
  • Sensitivity: 1.5
Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera -- S-USPTZ532
from Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc./FIS

480 TV lines of resolution, alarm function, heater / blower housing [See More]

  • Camera Function: Video
  • Application / Industry: Security / Law Enforcement
  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome
  • Physical: Outdoor Rated; Pan / Tilt
INSPEKTOR Pole-mounted Utility Inspection Camera
from by MEDIT

The new telescopic Pole-mounted Utility Inspection Camera INSPEKTOR features a 1.6 ” (41mm) diameter camera head specially designed to perform inspections in total darkness. This telescopic pole camera is waterproof to 100 feet, and can be used to inspect areas that would otherwise be... [See More]

  • Camera Function: Video
  • Specialty Camera Type: Low Light Camera
  • Monochrome / Color: Color
  • Application / Industry: Industrial
Streampix 5-PrePost Multi Camera Troubleshooting
from NorPix, Inc.

For troubleshooting applications requiring multiple cameras. Monitor a single target from various angles. StreamPix4 is compatible with multiple cameras at various speeds and resolutions. Troubleshoot your production line or analyze hardware issues by imaging. View events from multiple angles. [See More]

  • Camera Function: Video
  • Specialty Camera Type: High Speed Camera; Low Light Camera; Smart Camera; Line Scan Camera
  • Monochrome / Color: Monochrome; Color
  • Application / Industry: Broadcast; Industrial; Scientific / Research; Security / Law Enforcement