Air Classifier / Cyclone Separators, Classifiers, and Screeners Datasheets

Air Classifying Mill -- CLM-101
from Prater

Prater ’s CLM is a “classifying impact mill ” that is an industry leading particle size reduction product. The CLM Air Classifying Mill offers the combination of two-stage closed circuit grinding mill with internal air classification, all in one efficient unit. The unique... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Air Classifier / Cyclone
  • Operation: Check Screening / Scalping; Fines Removal / Dedusting
  • Screen Action/ Cleaning: Air Jet
  • Applications: Dry / Free Flowing Materials
Air Separator
from Vecoplan, LLC

Air separators are used in a wide variety of working areas. These include, among others, alternative fuel production, waste processing, the timber industry, etc. The air separator acts as a safety measure during the subsequent re-shredding of the input material in this way, high costs for... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Air Classifier / Cyclone
  • Operation: Check Screening / Scalping
  • Screen Action/ Cleaning: Air Jet
  • Applications: Waste / Recycling; Other; Fuel Production, Timber Industry
Sirocco Air Classifiers -- Sirocco W100
from CDE Global Ltd.

Air Classifiers offer an efficient means of removing excess fines from crushed rock material to facilitate the production of high quality sand products for use in construction. Air Classifiers are particularly well suited to the arid desert environment in the Middle East where access to water can be... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Air Classifier / Cyclone
  • Capacity / Throughput: 200000
A-B Cyclone Separator -- 12
from Koger Air Corporation

Welded, bolted and flanged 12-gauge or heavier mild steel in inlet diameters 12" to 48"; Design and construction minimize abrasion as system particulate is collected and separated; Used as a pre-cleaner, the A-B cyclone separator reduces the load for the final filter; Maximum efficiency is obtained... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Air Classifier / Cyclone
  • Scale: Large production scale equipment
  • Applications: Chemicals / Fertilizers; Dry / Free Flowing Materials; Food Processing / Grain; Metallurgical / Foundry; Pharmaceutical / Cosmetics; Polymers; Wood / Pulp and Paper
Centrifugal Air Classifer
from Metso

Dry separation of ultrafine materials. Features. Simple operation with no moving parts within material flow stream. High efficiency separation. Uncomplicated, minimal maintenance. Benefits. Adjustability to obtain wide range of required cut points using interchangeable orifices and secondary air... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Air Classifier / Cyclone
  • Applications: Dry / Free Flowing Materials; Mining / Ores / Minerals
  • Operation: Fines Removal / Dedusting
  • Particle Size Range: 15 to 100
400 Dryer/Cooler/Classifier
from Witte Company, Inc. (The)

Witte has combined the 200 or 700 series Classifier with its Fluid Bed Dryer/Cooler to provide one unit capable of meeting up to five of the following objectives: Air Classification - almost total removal of any minus 20 mesh "fines" including those statically held as well as the removal of any... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Air Classifier / Cyclone; Screener - Rectangular Deck
  • Operation: Drying, Cooling
  • Screen Action/ Cleaning: Vibratory / Shaking Action; Other; Fluid Bed Dryer, cooler
  • Applications: Polymers; Other; Friable, Glass-Filled and Micropellets, Resins, Nylon