Powder Filler Alloys and Consumables Datasheets

Solder Paste -- ALPHA® CVP-360
from Alpha Assembly Solutions

ALPHA ® CVP-360 is a lead-free, halogen free no-clean solder paste designed for a broad range of applications. ALPHA ® CVP-360 is designed to enable the use of ALPHA SACX ® alloys, while offering reflow process yields comparable with higher silver SAC alloys (SAC 305 and SAC 405). [See More]

  • Joining Process / Product Form: Braze or solder in the form of a paste.; Powder
  • Nominal Composition: 99%Sn/0.3%Ag/0.7%Cu
  • Solder Alloy: Tin-Silver Alloy Solder (Sn-Ag); Lead Free
  • Approvals / Conformance: JIS; DIN; IPC
Aluminum Filler Metal -- AL 716
from Lucas Milhaupt Global Brazing Solutions

Aluminum brazing and soldering filler metals are used to join materials within the aluminum family of alloys. These materials are available in wire, strip, powder, paste (both corrosive and non-corrosive formulations) and preformed rings and shapes. Lucas-Milhaupt also offers aluminum flux-cored... [See More]

  • Joining Process / Product Form: Braze or solder in the form of a paste.; Powder; Filler braze or solder alloy in a reconfigured sheet form that fits the contour of the joint surfaces.; Strip, sheet or foil; Solid wire or rod; Flux Cored Wire
  • Melting Range: 1085
  • Applications / Materials Joined: Aluminum Alloys
  • Braze Alloy: Aluminum Alloy Braze
from RS Components, Ltd.

Alloy with extremely low content of impurities and reduced oxidation for high quality soldering. Bar dimensions: 380 x 15 x 8 mm. Percent Lead = 37%. Product Form = Granules. Melting Point = +183 °C. Percent Tin = 63%. Flux Type = Resin. Product Weight = 500g [See More]

  • Joining Process / Product Form: Powder
  • Solder Alloy: Tin-Lead Alloy Solder (SN-Pb)
  • Melting Range: 361
Aluminum Flux 4 oz.
from Detroit Torch & Mfg. Co.

Overview: High temp aluminum flux is used to help prevent oxidation during the welding process. Details: High Temp Aluminum gas welding flux is for all aluminum welding. Mixes with water to a paste consistency. Eliminates the need to clean aluminum prior to welding. [See More]

  • Joining Process / Product Form: Powder
  • Weld Positions: All positions
  • Welding Filler Types: Aluminum
  • Fluxes & Cleaners: Welding Flux
Mild Steel & Low Alloy Submerged Arc Wires/Fluxes -- OK Flux 10.62
from ESAB Welding and Cutting Products

Features. ESAB OK Flux 10.62 is a high basicity, neutral, bonded flux intended primarily for multipass butt welding carbon and low alloy steel plate. OK Flux 10.62 produces weld metal that is very clean metallurgically and exhibits exceptional impact toughness at low temperatures. OK Flux 10.62... [See More]

  • Joining Process / Product Form: Powder
  • Yield Strength (YS): 124006
  • Tensile Strength (UTS): 134159
  • Elongation: 60
Lincolnweld® P2007
from Lincoln Electric Co. (The)

Top FeaturesProduces sound welds with excellent slag removal and bead appearanceExhibits superior resistance to moisture pickupDesigned for maximum toughness and ductility with duplex stainless steelsTypical ApplicationsFor submerged arc welding of the 300 and 400 series stainless steels, and... [See More]

  • Joining Process / Product Form: Powder
  • Tensile Strength (UTS): 79770 to 82671
  • Applications / Materials Joined: For Submerged Arc Welding of the 300 and 400 Series Stainless Steels, and Similar Alloy Filler Metal
  • Yield Strength (YS): 55114 to 58015
Non-Precious Brazing Filler Copper (OFHC)
from Morgan Advanced Materials

The Wesgo Metals business of Morgan Technical Ceramics manufactures and supplies high-purity, low vapour pressure brazing alloys in various forms. Precious and non-precious alloys are available in atomized powder, discs, evaporation slugs, extrudable paste, FlexibrazeTM, preforms, ribbon, rings,... [See More]

  • Joining Process / Product Form: Powder (optional feature); Strip, sheet or foil (optional feature); Solid wire or rod (optional feature)
  • Braze Alloy: Copper Alloy Braze
  • Melting Range: 1981
from Wolverine Tube, Inc.

DRY FLUX is ULTRA FLUX in powder form. This allows the user to customize the flux's solvent and viscosity characteristics. DRY FLUX is available in 1 lb and 25 lb containers. [See More]

  • Joining Process / Product Form: Powder
  • Fluxes & Cleaners: Brazing Flux
  • Melting Range: 1100 to 1600
  • Nominal Composition: Potassium salts of fluorine and boric acid