MIL-SPEC Filler Alloys and Consumables Datasheets

RA MIL-SPEC Rosin Core Solder -- Alpha® Energized Plus
from Alpha Assembly Solutions

ALPHA ® Energized-Plus is the most effective RA MIL-SPEC rosin core solder yet developed for hand soldering. Similar in design to Energized core solder, Energized-Plus is more active still. It meets the full requirements of QPL listing for Federal Specification QPL-571-28-89 for Type RA... [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: MILSPEC; ISO / EN; J-STD-004
  • Joining Process / Product Form: Rosin Cored Wire
  • Applications / Materials Joined: Joint Soldering
  • Solder Alloy: Tin-Lead Alloy Solder (SN-Pb)
Arcaloy Stainless Electrodes -- E308
from ESAB Welding and Cutting Products

Arcaloy 308L-15 electrodes were developed for the welding of Type 304L stainless steels but can be used for many other stainless steels including Types 301, 302 & 304. Features. Arcaloy 308L-15 electrodes were developed for the welding of Type 304L stainless steels but can be used for many other... [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: ASME; AWS; MILSPEC
  • Tensile Strength (UTS): 75419
  • Joining Process / Product Form: Flux coated stick or electrode for welding or brazing.
  • Yield Strength (YS): 62366
Excalibur® 308/308H-16
from Lincoln Electric Co. (The)

Top FeaturesQ2 Lot - certificate showing actual deposit chemistry and calculated ferrite number (FN) available online Designed with low carbon levels to help eliminate carbide precipitation in high temperature serviceFlux coating provides smooth arc transfer and slag is self-peeling for easy... [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: ABS; ASME; ASTM / UNS; AWS; CWB; MILSPEC
  • Joining Process / Product Form: MIG Spool (GMAW)
  • Applications / Materials Joined: A743 and A744 Type CF-8 Cast Material, Type 304 Stainless Steels
  • Diameter / Thickness: 0.0938 to 0.1875
Four 9's Electrolytic Grade
from Metallic Resources, Inc.

Metallic Resources' electrolytically processed FOUR9's bar solder is higher in quality and purity by a factor of ten timescompared to any other solder currently available. Independent testinghas shown, and Metallic Resources guarantees, FOUR 9's bar solder tocreate 25% less dross compared to the... [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: MILSPEC; ISO / EN; J-STD-006, WS-6536E, QPL-571-46
  • Yield Strength (YS): 1900 to 2300
  • Tensile Strength (UTS): 7700
  • Elongation: 32
Backing Ring -- CC
from Robvon Backing Ring Company, Inc.

Designed primarily for automatic welding and to allow quick and easy joint alignment where the inside diameters are slightly out-of-round. Nubs can be chipped off or left intact to be melted into first root pass. [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: ASTM / UNS (optional feature); MILSPEC (optional feature)
  • Welding Filler Types: Aluminum (optional feature); Carbon Steel (optional feature); Copper (optional feature); Steel - Stainless (optional feature); Chrome Moly
  • Joining Process / Product Form: Rings or other shapes that backup or fill-in and provide spacing in a weld joint.; Backing Ring
  • Weld Positions: All positions; Vertical Downhand; Flat; Horizontal; Overhead; Vertical Up or Down; Vertical Up
from Wolverine Tube, Inc.

SILVALOY 50N is a modification of SILVALOY® 50. It was originally introduced because of somewhat better corrosion resistance than SILVALOY 50 for certain conditions, and is still used for such purposes. When melting, SILVALOY 50N passes from the solid state to a mushy or plastic range and... [See More]

  • Approvals / Conformance: AMS; ASME; AWS; MILSPEC
  • Joining Process / Product Form: Filler braze or solder alloy in a reconfigured sheet form that fits the contour of the joint surfaces. (optional feature); Strip, sheet or foil (optional feature); Solid wire or rod (optional feature)
  • Applications / Materials Joined: Stainless Steel, Tungsten, carbide
  • Melting Range: 1270 to 1500