Analog Front Panel RTD Temperature Transmitters Datasheets

Temperature Transmitter Field Circuit Ex i Series 9182 -- Series 9182
from R. STAHL, Inc.

One unit for nearly all temperature sensors indivdually configurable. Intrinsically safe input [Ex ia] IIC. Signal duplication possible. Galvanic isolation between input, output, power supply and configuration interface. Open-circuit and short-circuit monitoring and messaging (can be switched off). [See More]

  • Local Interface: Analog Front Panel
  • Reference Resistance: 100 Ohms; 500 Ohms; 1000 Ohms; ThermoCouple L, U, XK
  • Reference Material: Platinum; Nickel/Nickel Alloys
  • Sensed Temperature: -328 to 3213
Thermoflex5 -- TF5
from Rotronic Instrument Corp.

Applications. Measures temperatures in production processes, storage, transport and drying processes. Features. • Interchangeable Pt100 probes. • Range of application electronics: -40 …60 °C / 0 …100 %rh; -10 …60 °C with LCD. • Temperature measurement with... [See More]

  • Local Interface: Analog Front Panel; Computer Interface
  • Reference Resistance: 500 Ohms
  • Reference Material: Platinum
  • Other Input: Accepts Generic Analog Voltage Inputs
Configurable Temperature Transmitter Ducer -- PT602
from Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.

The transmitter RISH Ducer PT 602 ( Fig. 1 and 2 ) Converts the input variable-a signal from a resistance thermometer Pt 100- to a temperature linear output signal. The analogue output signal is either an impressed current or superimposed voltage which is processed by other devices for purposes of... [See More]

  • Local Interface: Analog Front Panel
  • Reference Resistance: 100 Ohms
  • Reference Material: Platinum
  • Sensed Temperature: 302 to 1472