Variable Speed V-Belts and V-Ribbed Belts Datasheets

Power Max® Variable Speed
from Bando American, Inc.

Because Power Max ® belts are wide in proportion to their thickness, they must have extreme crosswise rigidity to keep them from dishing in. This dishing would cause the tensile cords to become misaligned, leading to uneven speed control and excessive wear on the cords, causing premature... [See More]

  • Features: Variable Speed
  • Belt Angle: 22 to 36
  • Other Section: Other
  • Belt Width: 1.00 to 3.00
Industrial Variable Speed Belts -- CONTI®V VARISPEED ADVANCE
from ContiTech AG

Variable speed belt for variomatic and variator drives. Properties: temperature range from –30 °C to +90 °C. electrically conductive to ISO 1813. conditionally resistant to oil. suitable for tropical climates. dust-proof [See More]

  • Features: Cogged; Variable Speed
  • Type: Single Band
  • Belt Length: 452.00 to 3147.00
  • Belt: Rubber
Industrial Transmission Belts -- ROFLEX VARI
from ContiTech Roulunds Rubber A/S

Variable speed belts with reinforced PE tensile member for Variomatic and Variator drives. Properties: conditionally resistant to oil. resistant to temperatures from -30 °C to +90 °C. electrically conductive to ISO 1813. dust-proof. suitable for tropical climates. suitable for clutches [See More]

  • Features: Variable Speed
  • Type: Single Band
  • Belt Length: 402.00 to 3450.00
  • Belt: Rubber
Neoprene Poly-V Belt
from F.N. Sheppard & Co.

Backings can be applied to  outside of Base Belts.   F.N. Sheppard would like to assist in the selection and design process.   Select the Base Belt and  then let us know your application and thoughts, we can then give  you suggestions and advise on choosing the Additional... [See More]

  • Features: Double-sided (optional feature); Variable Speed (optional feature); Truly Endless (optional feature); Open-ended (optional feature)
  • Type: Multiple Band
  • V-Ribbed: J (optional feature); L (optional feature); M (optional feature)
  • Belt: Neoprene
Cogged Vari-Speed Belt Series
from Navyug (India) Limited

Size Range is revisionable in upward unit to special requirement of all sections. [See More]

  • Features: Cogged; Variable Speed
  • Other Section: Other
  • Metric: 25mm (optional feature); 32mm (optional feature); 40mm (optional feature)
  • Belt Angle: 30
Industrial Transmission Belts -- PIX-X'set®-VS VARIABLE SPEED
from PIX Transmissions Limited

FEATURES. • Excellent transverse rigidity and flexibility to prevent bucking at minimum diameter settings, where high Belt-stress is seen. • Firm gripping action in the contact areas provide positive traction for precise, immediate response. • Higher power transmission than regular... [See More]

  • Features: Variable Speed; Anti-Static
  • Belt Angle: 26 to 40
  • Other Section: Other
  • Belt Length: 22.52 to 900.00