Unlisted Belt Section V-Belts and V-Ribbed Belts Datasheets

POW-R-VEEr; V-BELTS -- 2V-100
from Berg W.M., Inc.

bull; More sidewall contact. • Less slippage. • Greater power transmission. • Infinite length variations. • Extra strong. • Light weight. • 90A Durometer. • Weight 21 oz /ft. • Ultimate Tensile Strength 50 lbs. • Temperature Range +180 °F to -15... [See More]

  • Other Section: Other
  • Belt: Polyurethane
  • Belt Length: 37.50
Automotive V-Belts -- 12,5
from Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing all kinds of v belts, rubber timing belts (synchronous belts), auto timing belts, double-sided tooth synchronous belts, s step less speed change belts, multi-wedge belts, motorcycle V-belts, auto V-belts and various cutting V-belts,... [See More]

  • Other Section: Other
  • Belt Length: 29.53 to 88.58
  • Belt Width: 0.51
  • Type: Single Band
from RS Components, Ltd.

Special compounded stiff-yet-flex-crack resistant base. High modulus low stretch (hmls) polyester cords and length stabilisation process resulting in low stretch and maximum life. Polychloroprene impregnated poly-cotton jacket. Precision built belts requiring no matching or coding. Anti-static,... [See More]

  • Other Section: Other
  • Belt Length: 20.28
  • Belt Width: 0.39
  • Belt: Rubber
Power Max® Variable Speed
from Bando American, Inc.

Because Power Max ® belts are wide in proportion to their thickness, they must have extreme crosswise rigidity to keep them from dishing in. This dishing would cause the tensile cords to become misaligned, leading to uneven speed control and excessive wear on the cords, causing premature... [See More]

  • Other Section: Other
  • Belt Width: 1.00 to 3.00
  • Belt Angle: 22 to 36
  • Features: Variable Speed
Eagle Orange 85 AA -- 1232550
from Fenner Drives

Ideal for light- to medium-duty applications [See More]

  • Other Section: Other
  • Belt: Urethane / Polyurethane
  • English: A/4L
  • Minimum Pulley Size: 3.25
Banded Belt (Plain & Cogged) Series
from Navyug (India) Limited

Size Range is revisionable in upward unit to special requirement of all sections. [See More]

  • Other Section: Other
  • Metric: SPA (optional feature); SPB (optional feature); SPC (optional feature); SPZ (optional feature)
  • English: A/4L (optional feature); B/5L (optional feature); C (optional feature); D (optional feature); E (optional feature); 3V (optional feature); 5V (optional feature); 8V (optional feature)
  • V-Ribbed: H
Agricultural Transmission Belts -- PIX-HARVESTER® WRAP CONSTRUCTION
from PIX Transmissions Limited

FEATURES. • Specially designed for reverse idler applications, commonly found in harvester machines. • High longitudinal flexibility, suitable for small pulley / reverse idler drives. • No bottom cracking / chipping, the Belt design being application-specific. • Specially... [See More]

  • Other Section: Other (optional feature)
  • Metric: 25mm (optional feature)
  • English: B/5L (optional feature); C (optional feature)
  • Belt Angle: 30 to 40