PLCC IC Interfaces Datasheets

Interface - Specialized -- Z16C3516VSC00TR-ND
from Digi-Key Electronics

IC Z16C35 Z8500 ISCC 68PLCC [See More]

  • Package Type: PLCC; 68-PLCC
  • Device Type: Interface - Specialized
  • Technology: USB
  • Supply Voltage: 5V; Other; 4.75 V ~ 5.25 V
4 Channel PCM CODEC, 5.0V -- 821024JG
from Integrated Device Technology

The 821024 is a single-chip, four channel PCM CODEC with onchip. filters. The device provides analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog. conversions and supports both a-law and m-law companding. The digital. filters in IDT821024 provides the necessary transmit and receive filtering. for voice... [See More]

  • Package Type: PLCC
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 85
  • Device Type: Codec
  • Pins: 32
Clock and Data Distribution - Fanout & Buffer and Drivers Products -- SY100E111A
from Microchip Technology, Inc.

The SY10/100E111A/L are low skew 1-to-9 differential driver designed for clock distribution in mind. The SY10/100E111A/L's function and performance are similar to the popular SY10/100E111, with the improvement of lower jitter and the added feature of low voltage operation. It accepts one signal... [See More]

  • Package Type: PLCC; PLCC-28
  • Features: RoHS
  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V; 5V
CMOS Asynchronous Communications Element -- CS82C50A-5Z
from Renesas Electronics Corporation

The 82C50A Asynchronous Communication Element (ACE) is a high performance programmable Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) and Baud Rate Generator (BRG) on a single chip. Using Intersil's advanced Scaled SAJI IV CMOS Process, the ACE will support data rates from DC to 625K baud... [See More]

  • Package Type: PLCC
1218744 [LM3914V/NOPB from Texas Instruments Standard Linear and Logic]
from RS Components, Ltd.

A family of integrated LED Bargraph driver ICs from Texas Instruments. The range include Linear (LM3914), Logarithmic (LM3915) and VU-characteristic (LM3916) devices. Number of Digits = 10. Number of Segments = 10. Maximum Supply Current = 9.2 mA. Mounting Type = Surface Mount. Package Type = PLCC. [See More]

  • Package Type: PLCC
  • Operating Temperature: 70
  • Device Type: LED Driver
  • Pins: 20
1198089 [A3977SED-T from Allegro MicroSystems, LLC]
from Farnell Europe


  • Package Type: PLCC
  • Device Type: Line / Bus Driver
  • Technology: Motor Drivers / Controllers
  • Supply Voltage: Other; 5.5V
Audio Codec 2ADC / 2DAC PLCC28 -- PEB2060NV4.4
from Karl Kruse GmbH & Co. KG

Karl Kruse  is a worldwide leading franchised distributor (ISO: 9001-2008 certified). A service provider specializing in the supply and material management of electronic components, since 1951. We are an innovative company who is dedicated to collaborating with customers and partners to develop... [See More]

  • Package Type: PLCC
  • Device Type: Codec
Addressable Transceiver -- 14469
from Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc.

Motorola/Freescale - CMOS 145000. This family of CMOS PLL devices is designed to perform phase-locked loop functions and includes phase detectors, dividers, encoders, decoders, and oscillators, which use the lower power consumption of the CMOS process. [See More]

  • Package Type: SOIC (optional feature); SSOP (optional feature); TSSOP (optional feature); PLCC (optional feature); DIP (optional feature)
  • Device Type: Transceiver
  • Technology: LVCMOS
  • # of Devices: 1
+5V-Powered, Multichannel RS-232 Drivers/Receivers -- MAX244
from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

The MAX220 –MAX249 family of line drivers/receivers is intended for all EIA/TIA-232E and V.28/V.24 communications interfaces, particularly applications where ±12V is not available. These parts are especially useful in battery-powered systems, since their low-power shutdown mode reduces... [See More]

  • Package Type: PLCC
  • Supply Voltage: 5V; Other; 5.0
  • Device Type: Line / Bus Driver; Receiver
  • # of Tx: 8