Fluoropolymer Double Sided and Transfer Tapes Datasheets

Can-Do Double Sided Foam Tape|Double-Sided Polyethylene Foam Tape
from Can-Do National Tape

Double Sided Foam Tape, CDNT 99116. Double-Sided Polyethylene Foam Tape. Pressure-sensitive foam mounting tape with a highly aggressive synthetic rubber adhesive. 1/16" Thick x 108' D/C Wh PE Foam. Available Sizes: 54 ft. 108 ft. 216 ft. Custom slit to width [See More]

  • Backing Material: Fluoropolymer (Teflon); Plastic / Polymer
  • Adhesive: Pressure Sensitive
  • Type: Double- Sided
  • Width: 0.0625
Glass-PTFE (ZONE) Tape -- 2819-3R
from Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

CHR Cloth-Glass Tape. CHR 2905 is manufactured from heat-resistant fiberglass cloth backing coated with high-temperature silicone adhesive on both sides. 2905 has a wide variety of uses in the industrial and electrical markets. It is most widely used as a high-temperature masking tape for metalizing... [See More]

  • Backing Material: Cloth / Fabric; Fluoropolymer (Teflon); Plastic / Polymer
  • Adhesive: Acrylic; Pressure Sensitive
  • Type: Transfer; Cover
  • Temperature Resistance: -29 to 177
High Performance Tapes -- 1210 High Bond Double Coated Polypropylene
from NADCO Tapes & Labels, Inc.

Description: 1210 is a double coated clear polypropylene film tape which is manufactured on an 80 lb. paper release liner. 1210 is double coated with a proprietary clear adhesive system which exhibits outstanding bond strength to difficult surfaces, such as untreated polyethylene film and other... [See More]

  • Backing Material: Fluoropolymer (Teflon); Plastic / Polymer
  • Thickness: 0.0050
  • Type: Double- Sided
  • Peel: 11.25