Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) Combustion Analyzers Datasheets

Gas Sensors For Ambient Air Monitoring
from Electro Optical Components, Inc.

The monitoring of gas concentrations in the ambient air requires especially long-term stable and reliable gas sensors. The measurements are usually carried out 24/7 – 365 days in the year. Reliability and insensitivity to external influences therefore make gas sensors from smartGAS the first... [See More]

  • Gas Types: Hydrocarbons; Methane (CH4) / Natural Gas; NO2; SF6 (0.5ppm to 3%); CO; Refrigerants
  • Analyzer Technology: Non Dispersive Infra-Red (NDIR), Dual Wavelength
  • Mounting Type: Fixed
  • Number of Gases Monitored: Multi
MLT, CLD and FID Multi-Component and Multi-Method Analyzers and Analyzer Systems -- MLT 1 Multi-Component Gas Analyzer
from Emerson/Rosemount

Rosemount Analytical ’s MLT, CLD and FID series of analyzers offer MLT with multi-component, multi-method analysis utilizing non-dispersive infrared, visible, ultraviolet (NDIR/UV/VIS), thermal conductivity (TCD), paramagnetic, and electrochemical sensor technologies (pO2/eO2), trace oxygen... [See More]

  • Gas Types: Methane (CH4) / Natural Gas (0-500 ppm, 0-100%); NO (0-250 ppm, 0-100%); NxOx (0-2000 ppm); O2 (0-100%); SO2 (0-130 ppm, 0-80%); SF6 (0-20 ppm, 0-2%); Water Vapor (0-1000 ppm, 0-3%); NH3 (0-300 ppm, 0-30%); CO2 (0-10 ppm, 0-100%); CO (0-10 ppm, 0-100%)
  • Analyzer Technology: Electrochemical; Infrared; PID; Paramagnetic, Thermal Conductivity
  • Mounting Type: Fixed
  • Number of Gases Monitored: Multi
MultiGard Gas Sampling System
from MSA - The Safety Company

The MultiGard Gas Sampling System is an efficient, cost effective method of gas detection. [See More]

  • Gas Types: Hydrocarbons; H2; HCl; HF; H2S; Methane (CH4) / Natural Gas; NO; NO2; NxOx; O2; PH3; SiH4; SO2; SF6; NH3; AsH3; Br2; CO2; CO; Cl2; ClO2; B2H6; F; GeH4; Refrigerants
  • Analyzer Technology: Catalytic; Electrochemical; Infrared
  • Mounting Type: Fixed
  • Number of Gases Monitored: Multi
Satellite XT Gas Transmitter with Sensor
from Honeywell Analytics, Inc.

Toxic detector with a wide range of sensors available. The Satellite XT is the simple solution for all “Point-of-Use ” gas detection needs. Based upon the market ’s smallest and most reliable electrochemical cell technology, the Satellite XT offers flexibility, simplicity and ease... [See More]

  • Gas Types: H2 (0-4%vol); HCl (0-30ppm); HCN (0-30ppm); HF (0-10ppm); Methane (CH4) / Natural Gas (0-100LEL); NO (0-250ppm); NO2 (0-25ppm); O2 (0-25%vol); O3 (0-1ppm); PH3 (0-1ppm); SiH4 (0-50ppm); SO2 (0-25ppm); SF6 (0-0.5%vol); AsH3 (0-1ppm); Br2 (0-5ppm); CO (0-500ppm); Cl2 (0-5ppm); ClO2 (0-1ppm); B2H6 (0-5ppm); F (0-5ppm); GeH4 (0-5ppm)
  • Analyzer Technology: Electrochemical
  • Mounting Type: Fixed
  • Number of Gases Monitored: Multi